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Happy Alien Day! Super7 Reveals New Xenomorphs, Hudson ReAction
Happy Alien Day everyone A horror holiday that everyone can appreciate, Super7 is celebrating by revealing a new wave of Xenomorphs and a special variant of their Hudson figure The latter will feature a cardback baring his iconic line "Game Over Man, Game Over!" The figure features a new screaming head as well, and it[...]
Happy Alien Day! Here are Some of the Things You Can Buy Today to Celebrate!
Happy Alien Day! Today is LV426, the day we celebrate the Alien franchise and its awesomeness The original film turns 40 this year, and plenty of companies are helping celebrate with exclusive releases Below you will find some of them and where you can get your extendable jaw on them Hurry though- some will sell[...]
Super7 Gets Blind Boxes Right With Alien Xenomorph ReAction Figures
On Alien Day last month, I was on the hunt for cool Alien collectibles, and stumbled upon these bad boys on the Super7 Store page The Alien ReAction figures are awesome throwbacks to the 3.75 inch toys of old, and I've always loved the sculpts on these, so I ordered five of them and waited[...]
Alien Day Is Today, And it Is A Collectors Dream!
Happy Alien Day everyone! How are you celebrating? I will be attending a screening of Alien tonight, and as anticipation is reaching a fever pitch for Alien: Covenant on May 19, Fox and many other partners have announced quite a few Alien related products today as part of the festivities From new Funko products to[...]