Iceman To Reuinite With 1970s Champions Team In First Marvel Legacy Issue By Sina Grace And Robert Gill

Young Bobby Drake is reuniting with his older self's former friends in Iceman #6 from the creative team of Sina Grace and Robert Gill for Marvel Legacy this Fall.

Iceman #6 cover by Kevin Wada
Cover by Kevin Wada

When Marvel Legacy comes to Iceman's solo comic, the chilly hero will travel with X-Men buddy Angel to Los Angeles to visit with Hercules, Ghost Rider, Black Widow and Darkstar, resulting in a reuniting of the original 1975 team created by Tony Isabella and Don Heck. Though not part of the original lineup, Russian hero Darkstar joined the group in Champions #11.

Iceman To Reuinite With 1970s Champions Team In First Marvel Legacy Issue By Sina Grace And Robert Gill

"If you go back and look at the Champions books, Bobby was very much working hard to not be perceived as 'the kid' in the group," said Grace in a quote from the EXCLUSIVE reveal on CBR. "What's interesting is that no one really sees him as that anymore, but that doesn't mean his perceived value has grown. He's always trying to prove something, it seems. I want to play with that. What's even more interesting is that most all of these characters are in the midst of a shakeup of sorts, so everyone's kind of wondering about the phrase 'the more things change, the more they stay the same.' Add the theme of 'legacy' to the mix, and you've got a solid backbone for a story about people leaning on each other in a time of need."

Gill will be the third artist on Iceman in six issues. Allesandro Vitti drew the first three issues, and Edgar Salazar is solicited as the artist for August's Iceman #4, with Vitti back on #5. Kevin Wada, however, continues to draw the covers.

Check out the solicit below, and stay tuned for more of them to roll out to Marvel media partners this week.


  • Written by SINA GRACE
  • Penciled by ROBERT GILL
  • Cover by KEVIN WADA
  • ICEMAN, one of the most powerful mutants within the Marvel Universe, discovers his powers and his outlook on life evolving. He needs to lead the charge with a team who stand proudly by his side in the war to "protect those who can't protect themselves." Hercules, Ghost Rider, Black Widow, Darkstar, and Angel re-unite with Marvel's fearless frozen fighter setting ICEMAN on an all-new path. As more unexpected enemies emerge, can Bobby mature into the warrior he's destined to become? Hope he survives the experience!

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