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Bad Idea started off their Bad Idea Two: Part One announcements with a bunch of comic book announcements, with They're All Terrible, The Ends, Escape from Wyoming and now a double feature, the previously-published-via-First-Pin-redemption Werewolf by Peter Milligan and Robert Gill, accompanied by Society Of Fearless Frontiersmen by Robert Venditti and Tomas Giorello And we get[...]
Robert Gill Joins Ben Percy On X-Force for Destiny Of X
Robert Gill, best known for Old Man Quill, X-O Manowar, Grimm Fairy Tales, Iceman, Ivan Timewalker, Bloodshot, Eternal Warrior, Kade, Book Of Death, Batgirl, Hulk, Harbinger, Imperium, Hulk and Britannia is returning to X-Force, for Destiny Of X, written by Benjamin Percy. Oh, and they will be fighting something called… Cerebrax Which really sounds as if[...]
Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome #1 cover by Cary Nord
History class taught me that long before I read this comic. Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome art by Robert Gill, Jose Villarrubia, and Diego Rodriguez Robert Gill's artwork definitely adds to the charm of the comic Instead of some hyper-realized and serious depiction of the ancient world, Gill brings a touch of playfulness and fun to the[...]
harbinger wars 2 cover, Valiant Entertainment July 2018 Solicits
Enter Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome this July with creators Peter Milligan and Robert Gill This comes through Valiant Entertainment along with their regular releases such as Ninja-K, X-O Manowar, an Archer and Armstrong collection, Shadowman, and Quantum and Woody Full solicit details below. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ BRITANNIA: LOST EAGLES[...]
Iceman #11 Cover by Kevin Wada
Bobby and Rictor have to maneuver through the new mutant's powers and emotions to save him and themselves, and the comic navigates the complexities of finding out that you are something that you have been convinced is inherently evil. The book also resolves the difficulties Bobby has had with his parents, and that ending is quite[...]
Iceman #10 Cover
Deadpool, so we're happy to be moving onto one of our favorites: Iceman! Iceman #10 Writer: Sina Grace Pencilers: Robert Gill Inkers: Robert Gill and Ed Tadeo Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg Letterer: Joe Sabino Cover: Kevin Wada Iceman was left in big trouble at the conclusion of the previous issue During a going away party for Bobby before he moves to Los Angeles with[...]
Iceman #10 cover by Kevin Wada
Sometimes it's not about the size of the perceived wrong; sometimes it's just about the kind of person who has been "wronged." The aforementioned fight is epic, with Robert Gill, Ed Tadeo, and Rachelle Rosenberg bringing it to life in a stunning manner We get to see the full extent of both Bobby and Daken's abilities,[...]
Iceman #9 cover by Kevin Wada
He has the ability to control the power level of electronics, mutants, and, well, Apocalypse Seeds at will. Iceman #9 art by Robert Gill, Ed Tadeo, and Rachelle Rosenberg Robert Gill's artwork is quite good It's expressive, has a good depth of field, and makes all characters involved quite imposing Rachelle Rosenberg's color art is well-balanced and[...]
And Now Iceman is Confirmed Canceled Too — Sina Grace (@SinaGrace) December 20, 2017 Damn. Here's the solicit for the final issue of Iceman, out in March: ICE-MAN #11 SINA GRACE (W) ROBERT GILL & SINA GRACE (A) Cover by KEVIN WADA • After the shocking events of last issue, Iceman is on the trail of a powerful new mutant that can't get his abilities under control… • Will the[...]
Iceman #8
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Iceman #8 from Marvel Comics by Sina Grace, Robert Gill, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Joe Sabino continues the look at the adult Iceman's exploration of his new world as an out and proud gay man with a look at something every gay man (and in honesty, everyone) has had: an awkward family dinner. Iceman #8 cpver[...]
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Iceman #7 from Marvel Comics by Sina Grace, Robert Gill, Rachelle Rosenberg and VC's Joe Sabino picks up right where the previous issue left off, with Iceman and the former Champions facing down some make-shift Sentinels that a far more dangerous than your average special effect. Iceman #7 cover by Kevin Wada Continuing the extrapolation of[...]
Ninjak And X-O Manowar Work Together To Send A Message To Vine
And we have a preview of the issue written by Robert Venditti and with art by Robert Gill. X-O MANOWAR #44 ("THE KILL LIST" – PART 2) Written by Robert Venditti Art by Robert Gill Covers by Phil Jimenez, Stephen Mooney and Stephen Segovia X-O Manowar and Ninjak cut deep into "THE KILL LIST"! Dispatched by MI-6 to[...]
X-O Manowar Teams With Ninjak To Uncover The Kill List
A new year and we're already talking about new comics as Valiant has sent over previews for their books shipping on January 6th… or in this case book, X-O Manowar #43 by Robert Venditti and Robert Gill This issue kicks off a new story arc called The Kill List and guest stars Ninjak. X-O MANOWAR #43 (NEW[...]
X-O Manowar And Ninjak Team Up For The Kill List
Starting with issue #43, writer Robert Venditti and artist Robert Gill take Aric of Dacia on a covert mission in a team up with super-spy Ninjak to destroy Vine. With two kingdoms now under his command, Aric of Dacia has pledged loyalty to his adopted nation – the United States of America – and now…America has[...]
A Look Inside Book Of Death #3 By Venditti, Gill And Braithwaite
Valiant has sent us an early look at Book of Death #3, the next 40-page chapter of their summer event. The issue from writer Robert Venditti (Wrath of the Eternal Warrior) and artists Robert Gill (Armor Hunters: Harbinger) and Doug Braithwaite (Armor Hunters) reveal the sinister mastermind behind the events foretold in the Geomancer's book as Master[...]
A First Look At Valiant's Book Of Death #3
Valiant has sent over a first look inside Book Of Death #3 (of 4) – the publisher's summer event from writer Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar) and artists Robert Gill (Armor Hunters: Harbinger) and Doug Braithwaite (Imperium) Valiant's most sinister villain – the maleficent Master Darque – reemerges to destroy the Eternal Warrior…and reshape the future of the Valiant[...]
An Early Look At Valiant's Book Of Death #2
Written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite, the series focuses on the most powerful heroes of the Valiant Universe joining in the hunt for the new Geomancer who is suspected of plunging the world into darkness… and it's up to the Eternal Warrior to protect her and stop what has[...]
Read The First Six Pages Of Book Of Death #1 From Valiant
The issue kicks off their big summer event and is written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite Here we have the first six page of the issue and this time they're lettered. The Valiant heroes X-O Manowar Bloodshot Ninjak The Harbinger Renegades Unity This is how they lived This is how[...]
A First Look Inside Valiant's Book Of Death #1
The first issue is 40 pages written by Robert Venditti and drawn by Robert Gill and Doug Braithwaite Featured in the series are X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Ninjak, The Harbinger Renegades and Unity. Now we know The Book of the Geomancer has recorded it all But only a young girl – the last in a line of[...]
Valiant Goes Punk – Preview Of Punk Mambo #0
The issue is written by Peter Milligan (Hellblazer) and drawn by Robert Gill (Armor Hunters: Harbinger) and features covers by Russell Dauterman (Thor), Rian Hughes (Batman: Black and White), and Kalman Andrasofszky (X-23). From a posh girls' boarding school…to the slimy gutter of the London punk scene…to sniffing voodoo glue in a Louisiana swamp, how did Shadowman's black magic bon vivant haul[...]
Valiant Has Faith In Harbinger Solo One-Shot
Valiant is shining the spotlight on one of the Renegades in the upcoming new one-shot Harbinger: Faith #0 by Joshua Dysart and Robert Gill Just as Faith is going from being part of a teenaged group of outsiders to a member of the super-team Unity, this issue tells her never-before-revealed origin. Her first and only boyfriend[...]
Armor Hunters Branch Out Into New Bloodshot And Harbinger #1s
On July 30th, the volatile psiot strike force known as Generation Zero step out of the shadows and into the crosshairs of a devastating extraterrestrial attack in Armor Hunters: Harbinger #1 by writer Joshua Dysart (Harbinger) and artist Robert Gill (Batgirl) Spinning out of[...]
Early Preview Of Eternal Warrior #8
Getting a jump on next weeks books early, Valiant has sent over a preview of Eternal Warrior #8 by Greg Pak and Robert Gill You have to love that when Valiant sends out their previews they include the series recap page… lets you get up before you even go to the store. ETERNAL WARRIOR #8 Written by[...]
First Look – Eternal Warrior #7
Here we have an advance preview of Eternal Warrior #7 from writer Greg Pak (Action Comics) and artist Robert Gill (Armor Hunters: Harbinger)! This continues the Eternal Emperor storyline as we see the future of the Valiant Universe. King Gilad Anni-Padda hoped to leave his days as the Eternal Emperor behind him But when an unforeseen challenger[...]
Double-Shot Advance Preview – Harbinger #21 And Eternal Warrior #6
This time, however, the team's newest member, Ax, has left a trail of leaked classified information that could could win the day – but also put the few loved ones they have into dire peril. And now the moment has come when they must choose between their fate and their families… [...]