Image Announces 3 New Series At NYCC: Infidel, Analog, And Bingo Love

At 3 mini press conferences at NYCC this Thursday Image Comics announced three new projects : a mini and an ongoing series and one original graphic novel.

First off former Vertigo editor Pornsak Pichetshote and artist Aaron Campbell are working on a 5 issue horror mini called "Infidel".

Its about a diverse group of people living in a house haunted by "a monster who feeds on xenophobia' according to Pichetshote.

Asked about whether he took a lot of cues from the many horror writers he worked with at Image Pichetshote said "not really but I did work with the best horror editor" former Vertigo chief Karen Berger, who though she said she was never really a fan of horror, she knew that the best horror is really about "human psychology."

The series is due for release in March 2018.

Writer Gerry Duggan (Deadpool) announced his new ongoing series Analog which will be drawn by newcomer David O Sullivan.

The high concept crazy sci-fi premise basically revolves around "the internet becoming much less reliable and secure than it is today". Can you imagine? – actually the internet in the press room went down during the announcement in an apparent bit of cosmic sychronicity.

Duggan persevered however and explained that something happens to the net so that "Secrets no longer trusted to be put online anymore" "They need to be put in to briefcases" and moved from place to place by specialists called "Ledgermen."

Duggan said that the massive curtailment of the internet ("everyone can see exactly what everyone else is doing online so there's no privacy anymore, only voyeurs and exhibitionists use it now") leads to a very different society.

The protagonist is a freelance courier called Jack McGuinnness "who may have had something to do with Internet coming down" according to Duggan.

The series has "Action, romance," and Duggan hopes "laughs."

It is set to debut sometime in early 2018.

The final announcement was for original graphic novel, Bingo Love written by Tee Franklin, with art by Jenn St-Onge, and colors by Joy San.

Its a "queer granny" story according to Franklin – a genre you might have thought was pretty narrow, however Franklin made reference to the Black Mirror episode San Junipero which has some of the same themes. The episode aired after the graphic novel was written so it isn't an inspiration, though Franklin really enjoyed the show and was heartened by the enormously positive reaction it got as it means that there is a market out there for this type of story.

The series starts off in 1963 when two young girls fall in love, but have to repress their because of  society's prejuidices, they then meet up in the modern day when they are elderly and are able to reconnect having lived separate more conventional lives.

Franklin was inspired while watching a commercial which featured two black women sitting on a brownstone step laughing and joking then flirting with a man who walks by.. Franklin said she thought – "why can't that be a women – ohhh this is cool! There's an idea there."

The project originally got funding through a Kickstarter now picked up by Image so it will be in bookstores in early 2018.