The Image Revolution Is Available To Stream For Free On Amazon Prime, Hoopla

In 1992, six young buck comic book artists left Marvel Comics to start a creator-owned revolution. Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Ser Robert Liefeld, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio, and Jim Valentino left the books they were drawing at Marvel, created new characters that for the most part looked suspiciously similar to the ones they were drawing at Marvel, and ended up creating what is today the third largest comic book publisher in the American superhero industrial complex. Twenty-five years later, many of those original books have even made it into double digits.

In 2014, Patrick Meaney directed a documentary called The Image Revolution, taking a look at Image's history of fighting for creator rights (except if those creators are Tony Moore, who isn't mentioned), wearing tight Levis, and taking comics TO THE EXTREME!  Liefeld and company were the Prince, Madonna, and Michael Jackson of the 90s, according to Liefeld himself.The documentary also covers more recent Image history, and even features a special guest appearance by Bleeding Cool's very own Rich Johnston.

The Image Revolution Is Available To Stream For Free On Amazon Prime, Hoopla
He's not making a face – he just looks like that.

And just like many of those nineties comic books, The Image Revolution can now be found in the movie equivalent of the quarter bin, being streamed for free on Amazon Prime and Hoopla. If you haven't seen it yet, relive the nineties in all its splendor by checking it out now (as opposed to reliving the nineties by watching all of the variant cover gimmicks and number one issue reboots currently being published by Marvel and DC).

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