Is Mark Waid's Insufferable Based On Observing Grant Morrison And Mark Millar?

This is how Mark Waid describes the origin of his new Thrillbent series, Insufferable.

IMG_0242Mark Waid was Grant Morrison's editor on Doom Patrol, and worked with Morrison, Mark Millar and Tom Peyer on the abortive Superman HIVE pitch that caused such internal ructions at DC Comics that Waid was told he would never write the Superman comic at the publisher.

Mark Millar, of course, became Grant Morrison's junior partner on a number of projects at 2000AD and DC Comics, before branching off on his own, creating the Ultimates, the Civil War event and the comics-to-movies Wanted, Kick Ass and The Secret Service, eclipsing Grant Morrison's career and prominence in the process.

They fell out hideously. But now, it appears, immortalised in their old colleagues' fiction


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