Jamal Igle And Sal Buscema Are Off Black Dynamite

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Black Dynamite. It was a 2009 Blaxploitation parody film about a tough as nails black ex-CIA agent which spun out an Adult Swim animated series last year. I've yet to see the film, but the clips I was shown were quite amusing, in a "let's parody the worst of the 70s and have fun in the process!" manner.

IDW announced that they would be doing a comic of it at Wonder Con earlier this year. No creative team was announced, but that's not unheard of with licensed properties. You have to send the owners a bunch of art samples and they'll look at them and go "yes, I think that one perfectly captures the feel of our property" and a creative team will be assembled that meets with their approval.

The latest Previews announced the creative team of Jamal Igle (Supergirl, Firestorm) and Sal Buscema (Captain America, The Incredible Hulk) doing the art. Which really would have been fantastic to see since Jamal's softer line would be complimented greatly by Sal's fierce inks. But despite the art team being announced and solicitations sent out for a September release, my sources informed me, and IDW EIC Chris Ryall confirmed that Igle and Buscema are no longer on the book.

If rumor is to be believed, this was a last minute decision by the licensor who changed their mind about letting the two of them do the art for their precious, precious IP. Far far after the point where they were supposed to be making those decisions. You make the choice before the book is announced, since this means that IDW has to make Black Dynamite #1 returnable to retailers due to the change. Likewise, the odds are very slim that the book will make the original ship date. It's bad enough that this is a niche book based off a cult film. But adding delays will certainly not help retailers decide to carry it. I should know. Retailers like myself are a cowardly, superstitious lot.

The new art team is not ready to be announced at SDCC. Igle will be doing some other projects at IDW, where he's been spending a great amount of time lately since leaving DC. More GI Joe from him appears likely. The odds are high that Buscema will get to ink him on one of them, so at least I'll get to see that. As for Black Dynamite… the future remains unclear.

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