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Fanboy Rampage: Whose Job Is It To Sell Comics, Anyway?

Fanboy Rampage: Whose Job Is It To Sell Comics, Anyway?

Solving the woes of an ailing comic book industry is one of comicdom's favorite pastimes, with many a theory offered as to why any given direct market superhero comic book only seems to be able to sell to 100,000 or less readers, often far less, while superhero movies and television shows capture the imagination of […]


Kwanza Osajyefo And Tim Smith 3's 'Black' Is Heading To The Big Screen

Black, the comic book series created by Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith 3 about a world where only black people have superpowers, is the latest to fulfill its comic book destiny by getting optioned for a movie by Studio 8. Mixing social commentary with classic superhero action and drama, the series, named one of six […]

Jamal Igle – Making People Think Differently, At Phoenix Comicon

Don Guillory,  history professor at Arizona State University, specializing in civil rights and black culture, writes for Bleeding Cool Walking through Phoenix Comic Con, I felt compelled to look more deeply upon the vendors, writers, and artists in attendance. I saw a variety of work and many that seemed to follow the same trends, characters, […]

Wondercon '15 – Breaking Into Comics By Periscope

Last night I joined Chris Hardwick and Felicia Day on a ride through Splash Mountain in the nearby Disney. Which was fun. Hardwick talked to me about the dangers of getting his phone wet. Then today I just sat through a panel at Wondercon with Allison Baker, Chip Mosher, Jamal Igle, Molly Mahan,, Arune Singh and […]

WonderCon '15 – Jamal Igle Talks Molly Danger Book 2, Sensation Comics

After successfully funding his comic creation Molly Danger Book 1 on Kickstarter back in 2012, Jamal Igle is ready to do it again with Book 2 this April. Not only is he one of the best illustrators in the business, but he's also the Marketing Director for Action Lab Entertainment. Juggling so many hats as […]

Jay Faerber And Jamal Igle's Venture Republished By Action Lab In June

Action Lab Entertainment are republishing a new superhero comic book in June, Venture, by veteran creators Jay Faerber and Jamal Igle. Of course when they first published the comic book, they weren't quite so veteran. Originally published by Image Comics in 2003, it lasted for four issues. Maybe it might continue a little longer this time Twisting […]

One Year Ago, Jamal Igle Posted A Dream About DC's Convergence

Over a year ago, comic book crator  Jamal Igle posted the following on his Facebook page. Freaky! Convergence..A DCU related dream. September 10, 2013 at 9:03pm I had a dream last night and figured out how to "Fix" the DC universe in six months.It all starts with Superman of course, the current version. We would wrap […]

NYCC 2014: Writing And Penciling: Storytelling

Christine Marie Vinciquarra writes for Bleeding Cool: I arrived at the Writing and Penciling: Storytelling panel a half hour before it began, and to my surprise, it was already filled to the brim with aspiring writers/artists. Energetic host, Buddy Scalera started his introductions fifteen minutes before the scheduled start time which caused a bit of […]

Things To Do On The West Coast In July If You Like Comics

By Michele Brittany, a West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent It seems that all things comic book related is being saved up for the San Diego Comic-Con International. The list is a little lighter, but I've already peeked into August and more events throughout the west are on the horizon for August. California Listen up Browncoats! […]

Ch-Ch-Changes – Nick Bradshaw Off Final Wolverine & The X-Men (UPDATE)

Another look at the changing solicitations between announcement and publication. Those that publishers have chosen to tell retailers in advance, anyway. And that retailers have told Bleeding Cool about. You can see a few Inhumanity changes here. Fantastic Four #16 will now be drawn by Joe Quinones instead of Raffaele Ienco. UPDATE: Raffaele Ienco writes […]

Jamal Igle Joins Action Lab Entertainment As Co-Director Of Marketing

Jamal Igle, comic industry vet of over two decades, has signed on to Action Lab Entertainment to do their public relations and promotions. Igle who is best known for his Supergirl run with Sterling Gates and is an Inkpot Award winning artist and writer. He started working as an intern with DC Comics in 1989, […]

A New Danger Girl Called Molly

Cameron Hatheway writes; Normally I don't review superhero comics because let's face it; it's all been done before. I can't tell you how many review copies are currently sitting in my inbox that are carbon copies of anything the Big Two are putting out nowadays, only with sketchier art and unimaginative storytelling. To willingly tackle […]

Jamal Igle And Sal Buscema Are Off Black Dynamite

Peter S. Svensson is the baddest reporter for Bleeding Cool. Shut your mouth! Black Dynamite. It was a 2009 Blaxploitation parody film about a tough as nails black ex-CIA agent which spun out an Adult Swim animated series last year. I've yet to see the film, but the clips I was shown were quite amusing, […]

Are You An Brilliant Artist? Mark Millar Wants You

Mark Millar writes; You'd be out in the same year as Quitely, Romita, McNiven and another major artist we can't reveal yet (he's still under contract). In other words, you'd better be bloody good. Upfront, you'd get more than Marvel or DC pay for work-for-hire and you get half the movie rights too. HUGELY commercial […]

Jamal Igle's Molly Danger, In Design

The successfully Kickstarter-funded Molly Danger from Jamal Igle is approaching completion, with the firstv sign in print, the Molly Danger FCBD title. But what other characters will we be seeing apart from the titular Molly? Here's a look at some of Jamal's designs, courtesy of the great man himself.

Jamal Igle And Ron Marz Exit The Historians

Well that was a quick one. At Baltimore Comic Con, IDW, Jamal Igle and Ron Marz announced their new project, The Historians. Now? Not so much. Igle posted; As some of you know, I recently announced a project that I was preparing to do for IDW publishing. Unfortunately, circumstances have recently changed and Ron Marz […]

DC Relaunch: The Ray #1 by Palmiotti, Gray and Igle

The Washington Post has news of a new DC Comics mini-series coming in December, a relaunch of the Quality Comics character The Ray, by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Jamal Igle. Palmiotti and Gray wrote The Ray in Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters, and Palmiotti also wrote and inked the character back in the […]