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The Wrong Earth: Fame & Fortune by Mark Russell & Michael Montenat
The Wrong Earth created by Tom Peyer and Jamal Igle sees Dragonflyman and Dragonfly, light'n'brighty and grim'n'gritty versions of the same character swap dimensions and live in each other's world. And in Ahoy Comics' March solicitations is The Wrong Earth: Trapped on Teen Planet #1 by Gail Simone, Bill Morrison, Walter Geovani, and Rob Lean, with Simone making her Ahoy Comics debut[...]
Heather Antos Now Promoted To Senior Editor At IDW
Heather Antos announced the promotion online, amending her Twitter bio to the new credit and then tweeting "New title, who dis?" Heather Antos, art by Michael Walsh. She received congratulations on her new role from the likes of comic creators, marketing, publisher, and journalists including Joe Glass, John Reppion, Jim Dandedeau, Jamal Igle, Chris Arrant, Geoff Thorne, Declan[...]
Scott Snyder Launches New Creator-Owned Line Through ComiXology
But the concept has legs and IGN have just run the news that Snyder and his Best Jackett Press is making his comiXology Originals debut, with eight new comics drawn by Rafael Albuquerque, Greg Capullo, Francesco Francavilla, Jamal Igle, Jock, Tula Lotay, Francis Manapul, and Dan Panosian. And rather than Image Comics, the books launching in[...]
DC's Infinite Frontier #0 Official With Snyder, Bendis, Johns, Tynion
Today DC Comics has made it official, with DC's Infinite Frontier #0 by Brian Bendis, Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Josh Williamson, Becky Cloonan, John Timms, Alex Maleev, Jamal Igle, Philip Kennedy Johnson, Todd Nauck, Jorge Jimenez, Alitha Martinez, Michael W Conrad, and more with a cover by Dan Jurgens and Mikel Janín. Infinite Frontier[...]
Blacking Out
It will be published with lobby cards (mini movie posters popular till around the late '80s) based on scenes from the book by Francesco Francavilla, Eduardo Risso, Jamal Igle, Emma Rios, Mirka Andolfo, Jacob Phillips, Dan Panosian, Ryan Kelly, Patric Reynolds, Elise McCall and more Here is Jamal Igle's. Peter Krause and Chip Mosher Launch 70s[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Whose Job Is It To Sell Comics, Anyway?
Stick to causing comics to fail by not pre-ordering them, waiting for the trade, or reading them illegally like a god damn criminal and leave this to the professionals, buster! No, silly, Rosenberg knows upon whom lies the onus to bring new readers into comic book stores: the comic creators themselves! Rosenberg tweeted: I wish more comic creators[...]
Black, the comic book series created by Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith 3 about a world where only black people have superpowers, is the latest to fulfill its comic book destiny by getting optioned for a movie by Studio 8. Mixing social commentary with classic superhero action and drama, the series, named one of six books[...]
Jamal Igle – Making People Think Differently, At Phoenix Comicon
Jamal Igle sat sketching away on his pad After introducing myself, he and I engaged in a discussion of his past, his career, his work, and his plans for the future. Mr Igle has been working in the world of comics since he attended the High School of Art and Design While there he served as[...]
Wondercon '15 – Breaking Into Comics By Periscope
Hardwick talked to me about the dangers of getting his phone wet. Then today I just sat through a panel at Wondercon with Allison Baker, Chip Mosher, Jamal Igle, Molly Mahan,, Arune Singh and Dirk Wood as they talked about how they broke into comics into jobs without being a writer or an artist, and asked a question. It's Periscope,[...]
WonderCon '15 – Jamal Igle Talks Molly Danger Book 2, Sensation Comics
After successfully funding his comic creation Molly Danger Book 1 on Kickstarter back in 2012, Jamal Igle is ready to do it again with Book 2 this April Not only is he one of the best illustrators in the business, but he's also the Marketing Director for Action Lab Entertainment Juggling so many hats as[...]
Jay Faerber And Jamal Igle's Venture Republished By Action Lab In June
Action Lab Entertainment are republishing a new superhero comic book in June, Venture, by veteran creators Jay Faerber and Jamal Igle Of course when they first published the comic book, they weren't quite so veteran. Originally published by Image Comics in 2003, it lasted for four issues Maybe it might continue a little longer this time Twisting the classic[...]
One Year Ago, Jamal Igle Posted A Dream About DC's Convergence
Over a year ago, comic book crator  Jamal Igle posted the following on his Facebook page. Freaky! Convergence..A DCU related dream. September 10, 2013 at 9:03pm I had a dream last night and figured out how to "Fix" the DC universe in six months.It all starts with Superman of course, the current version. We would wrap up a storyline where[...]
NYCC 2014: Writing And Penciling: Storytelling
Accompanying Scalera were artists, Jamal Igle, Sara Pichelli, Sean Chen, and colorist Paul Mounts… The panel started off with a list of five summaries of what an example comic could include This caught me a bit my surprise, because I was expecting to hear from a writer about forming these summaries Instead, they dove straight into[...]