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Joe Hill's Rain #3 Review: A Private Tragedy

In Joe Hill's Rain #3, an adaptation of a Joe Hill short story, bad things only get worse as a Colorado community struggles with the aftermath of learning the skies can be deadly. Three unlikely companions are on the road together towards a destination that, at best, ends in tragedy.

Joe Hill's Rain #3 Review: A Private Tragedy
Joe Hill's Rain #3 Cover. Credit: Image Comics

After sharp, brittle crystals fell from the sky and killed many people, a young woman named Honeysuckle is walking from Boulder to Denver to tell her girlfriend's father about the death of his wife and daughter. Along the way, she picked up a neophyte MMA fighter called Marc DeSpot and was followed by the prepubescent Templeton — a sickly child neighbor who glommed on to her. Given that the entire way is coated with sharp piercing points and the rule of law is at best a suggestion, this is not a trio that should be on the road, but here we are.

David M. Booher's script marches inexorably towards what cannot be a happy ending. The inevitability and patience of the pacing make it all the more horrifying for these characters. The visual storytelling from Zoe Thorogood, Chris O'Halloran, and Shawn Lee is both heartbreaking and personal. Despite not having a traditional "big dance number," the tension created here is super entertaining and absolutely horrifying.

This work's close, personal stakes, and wonderful detail make every moment a private tragedy. This is great, literary content that's well worth your time. RATING: BUY.

Joe Hill's Rain #3
By Joe Hill, David M. Booher, Zoe Thorogood
Having survived a violent run-in with the Comet Cult, Honeysuckle and her new companion — MMA fighter Marc Despot — find themselves in an even tighter spot: young Templeton Blake has followed them into the spreading apocalypse. They hitch a ride to Denver with a friendly highway patrol officer, but the prisoners he's transporting have different plans …

Joe Hill’s Rain #3

Joe Hill’s Rain #3 Review: A Private Tragedy
Review by Hannibal Tabu

The road to answers is paved with horrors in this wonderful adaptation of a short story. A child, an MMA fighter and a brokenhearted young woman trudge along.

Chris Ryall

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