John Romita Jr's Guinness World Record Attempt: The Press Conference

There were about twenty people at the Heroes For Jordan press conference for John Romita Jr's attempt on his own Guinness World Record for continual sketching and signing. And two of those were from Bleeding Cool, Vincent Santos with his camera, and Emmanuel Moreno. Vincent wrote;

John Romita Jr, along with Jordan and her supporters and family, spoke about the effort to break his own Guiness Book of World Record at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas strip.  But more importantly, they informed those in attendance that the focus for everyone's efforts was and will be little Jordan, and raising money for the Heroes for Jordan charity and Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada.  They told Jordan's story and her courageous battle with cancer in which she is thankfully winning being officially cancer free.  Unfortunately, because of the treatment she has gone through, she must keep fighting on a daily basis to overcome physical challenges.  But as was seen in the press conference, she is a delightful young lady, in great spirits with an infectious smile which was very inspiring.  John Romita Jr will attempt to sign for over 48 hours which will not be an easy feat with only a 10 minute break every 5 hours.  Other logistics of a full 2-plus day sketch-a-thon will prove to be difficult but "JRJR" is up for the challenge and is thankful to everyone that has stepped up with their support.

Emmanuel told us;

Guinness World Records have changed the rules, last time Romita did this he had a 15min break every 7 or 8 hours. This time he gets a 10 min break every 5 hours. Romita starts at Noon Friday at the cafe part of the Hard Rock cafe. At 11pm the cafe closes, so he will have to make his way to the 1st floor which is the store and continue signing/sketches there and make any restroom trips within 10 mins. Romita jokingly asked if anyone from Guinness was in the crowd, no one responded, then he said "screw 'em!". He also jokingly said the same thing about Marvel. Marvel did donate books for the event. They have a custom children sized motor car that they covered in Kick-Ass art. Jordan and Romita both signed the car and plan to get all the star actors from Kick-Ass to sign in and auction it off at the end of the year. Also Romita created a customer poster for the event that is on sale for $10, $25 for up to 25 items signed and $50 for head sketches. No mention about Stan Lee…

The record attempt started an hour ago…

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