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The 2022 Esports Awards Will Take Place In Las Vegas
Organizers behind The Esports Awards revealed this week that the 2022 ceremonies will be held in person this December in Las Vegas The year's event will be taking place on Tuesday, December 13th, at the Resorts World Theatre for a 5,000-capacity audience This comes with the other announcement for this year as they will be[...]
Rick and Morty & Wendy's Las Vegas "Mayhem"; Pickle Rick Gets Frosty
This time around, the two are sponsoring the "Morty's Mayhem Experience" live activation at Resorts World Las Vegas starting this week and running through the weekend for fans checking out this month's college basketball tournaments (like the NCAA's "March Madness," which they probably can't mention without paying the NCAA cash money). Image: Adult Swim Running from this[...]
Red Bull Kumite 2021: Guilty Gear ~Strive~ Round Robin Results
We're live in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace where Red Bull has taken over for two days of competition with Red Bull Kumite 2021 This is their first major in-person fighting tourney since the pandemic happened last year, and with strict health protocols in place, we're here checking out both days of the games Day[...]
CSI sequel event series CSI: Vegas expected to film this fall (Image: ViacomCBS)
Stemming from Jason Tracey (Elementary), CBS TV Studios, and Jerry Bruckheimer TV, the new series opens a brand new chapter in Las Vegas, the city where it all began Facing an existential threat that could bring down the Crime Lab, a new team of forensic investigators must welcome back old friends and deploy new techniques[...]
HyperX & Allied Esports Renew Naming Rights On Las Vegas Arena
HyperX and Allied Esports revealed this past week that they have renewed their naming rights to the esports arena in Las Vegas The HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas, located at Luxor Hotel & Casino along the famous strip, hasn't seen a lot of action during 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic Leaving some to wonder[...]
Atari Shows Off New Images Of Proposed Las Vegas Atari Hotel
This morning, Atari and GSD Group decided to show off more images for the proposed Atari Hotel set to be in Las Vegas Back at the start of the year, the announcement was made that they would be doing a special line of hotels with the company's branding, which would both look slightly futuristic while[...]
GLOW Cast Reunites After Cancellation, Hopes For Movie Finale
Season three faced a cliffhanger where Ruth opted to go home away from the promotion's current home in Las Vegas. Netflix might have tolled the bell one final time for their hit pro-wrestling dramedy GLOW, but the cast remains hopeful like a few other series, the streamer might give them an opportunity to properly conclude[...]
Viva Las Razer: Check Out The New Razer Store In Las Vegas
We had a fun opportunity pop up this weekend as we were able to fly down to Las Vegas and check out the new Razer Store opening along the strip The location is between The Flamingo and The Linq, down the avenue of businesses run by Caesars where you can shop and get a bite[...]
Razer Launches Their Biggest Store In Las Vegas
Razer has announced the grand opening for their biggest storefront to date as RazerStore Las Vegas will open on Saturday, September 7th The location is right on the strip at The LINQ Promenade, as the space will feature all the latest Razer gear available to test and purchase immediately To celebrate, they'll be throwing a[...]