Jordan White: Sage Will Appear in "Biggest X-Men Book of the Year"

Fans of Marvel mutant Sage were happy to see the character make her return to the X-Men comics in Uncanny X-Men #10. Unfortunately, that happened to be the final issue of the X-Men Disassembled storyline, and all of the X-Men were transported to an alternate universe. Bad luck.

But Sage will be back, and in the "biggest X-Men book of the year," according to power-mad Marvel X-Editor Jordan White. White appeared for his first edition of #XMenMonday as an EX-X-XCLUSIVE Q&A article on Adventures in Poor Taste. When asked if Sage would appear in an ongoing title in the future, White dodged the "ongoing" part of the question but did reveal that she will be back, and also apparently that the blockbuster X-Men comics (some of them triple-sized and double-priced) we've seen so far year aren't the "biggest"  X-Men comics Marvel plans to publish in 2019.

She is definitely in what will likely be the biggest X-Men book of the year.

Hmm, what could be bigger than X-Men Disassembled, Age of X-Man, and the return of Cyclops? We're hoping it's an X-Treme X-Men revival (written by Chris Claremont, natch). Maybe that's where Salvador Larroca has gone off to?

Jordan White: Sage Will Appear in "Biggest X-Men Book of the Year"

Other fan-favorite but neglected characters set to appear in upcoming X-Books, according to White, include Surge, Hellion, Mercury, and Dust.

Three of those characters appear in a book we're sending to press last week. The fourth is in a script I read recently, and I think her fans will be very happy with that appearance.

For more from White, check out AiPT's article, in which White even endeavors to explain the recent Multiple Man mini-series, a truly Herculean task and in which the traditional #XMenMonday preview images are copiously shared with equally copious watermarks. Sure, Chris Hassan didn't ask White our question about letting Chris Claremont write an ongoing series, but we'll be sure to re-submit it every week until he does. Besides, he's probably got to work up to that one, lulling White into a false sense of security first before hitting him with the Claremont question. We see what you're doing, Chris. And so long as you can get White to provide at least one clickbaitable headline each week, you're performing your civic duty.

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