What Does Marvel's Jordan White Have Against #XMenMonday?

For the third straight week in a row, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White has refused to post any previews of upcoming X-Men comics on Twitter with the hashtag #XMenMonday–Bleeding Cool can EX-X-XCLUSIVELY confirm. White, who was promoted to Senior Editor at Marvel shortly after proclaiming that he could get Bleeding Cool to print an article about anything he tweeted on a Monday simply by withholding the previews from X-Men fans, followed the tradition sporadically since taking over the X-Men line in 2018, occasionally ghosting on the responsibility. But the current dearth of #XMenMonday tweets from a sitting Marvel Comics X-Editor represents the longest in recorded history, a fact we've decided "feels right" but have done no actual research to confirm.

White's refusal to post X-Men previews leaves Mr. and Mrs. X writer Kelly Thompson as the sole defender of #XMenMonday at Marvel, even in the face of what we can only irresponsibly assume without any fact-checking must be immense peer pressure within Marvel to kill the hashtag. Even Thompson's twin brother, Age of X-Man co-conspirator Zac Thompson, has not tweeted any #XMenMonday previews, but the better Thompson provided the following image of Rogue and Gambit making out from next week's Mr. and Mrs. X #8.


X-Men fans undoubtedly appreciate Thompson's dedication, but fans are still left wondering why White refuses to tweet with the hashtag, with several asking White whether he planned to end the tradition.

Stunningly, White has refused to acknowledge the inquiries, instead choosing to tweet about just about anything else, as if a Marvel editor should simply be allowed the right to use their social media account for their own personal fulfillment rather than to satisfy the desires of obsessive fans and clickbait websites.

It seems there is nothing White won't do rather than posting #XMenMonday previews. Such as appearing on a podcast…

Listening to music…

Eating vegan burgers…

And watching television…

But not a single #XMenMonday tweet could be found on White's timeline. We may never learn just what White has against X-Men, Mondays, or the particular combination of the two, but one thing is for certain: Bleeding Cool will continue to report on this story until we have the answer or until people stop clicking on the articles.

What Does Marvel's Jordan White Have Against #XMenMonday?


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