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Joshua Williamson Launches New Nailbiter Comics On Substack Pro

Both Matt Rosenberg and Joshua Williamson are launching new comic book subscriptions on Substack, as part of the Substack Pro comic book programme initially set up a year ago by Nick Spencer. And, yes, there are more to come. Substack is a newsletter subscription publishing programme initially focused on journalists but for the last year including a brace of comic book creators offering attractive deals to publish their comics first on Substack.

Matt Rosenberg & Joshua Williamson Launch Substack Pro Subscriptions

And Joshua Williamson, better known now for writing Batman and Dark Crisis, will be continuing his Image Comics series Nailbiter on Substack exclusively in a new anthology format, with Mike Henderson, Adam Guzowski and John J Hill, as well as launching new creator-owned works. In his newsletter he writes about why this took so long;

Matt Rosenberg & Joshua Williamson Launch Substack Pro Subscriptions

Our main monthly comic feature is "Tales from the Nailbiter and Other Terrifying stories" alongside a few fun reveals that we'll bring to you over the next few months… A little over a year ago in 2021 Substack reached out to me and some other comic book creators with an amazing deal. A totally unheard-of-deal that was way too great an opportunity to pass up. It was Substack Pro Grant that allowed me to use this platform to create comic content, but also share a behind the scenes look at the process. You've probably heard this part of the story before from other creators who launched Substacks this last year… Some of my peers were able to dive right in. Launch their Substack a year ago and start posting, showing off new comic books, sharing their insight on comics and their process. (You know who you are!)

But I had a long year ahead of me. I had just re-signed my DC exclusive deal a few weeks earlier (I'm still exclusive right now in case you're wondering. I just have terms in my deal that allows select projects out DC.) and my workload looked NUTS. Dark Crisis started production and I was still writing Infinite Frontier, Robin, Deathstroke Inc Justice League Incarnate, Rogues, Dark Ride, and I was going to take over Batman for a few months. And there were a few secret creator-owned projects I was developing. There was a month this year where I had EIGHT books released by DC Comics. All in one month. (I'm a bit of a workaholic, if you can't tell. But like I said before…I love this job…)

I had a LOT planned for 2021 and 2022. And I was worried about burning out. There was no way I could launch a massive project like Substack at the same time as my peers. But I was thankfully able to accept the awesome once-in-a-lifetime grant and sign the deal back then with the understanding that I would launch at a much later date. That date is today.

He talks about Nailbiter and the new book, published digitally on Substack and then in print.

Co-created with Mike Henderson, with colors by Adam Guzowski and Letters/Design by John J Hill. The first series ran 30 issues. And then we brought it back in 2020 with NAILBITER RETURNS that ran ten issues. Mike and I have plans for a follow up to wrap up the Trilogy. BUT the Nailbiter was far from the only serial killer in the series. That was part of the whole set up. There were 15 OTHER serial killers before him. And we never really got to flesh out the stories of the other killers. So Mike and I decided to create this new series:


It's a horror anthology that takes place in the world of Nailbiter. Some of the stories are written by me, some are written by Mike and some are written by guest writers. It will all have guest artists. Mike is doing intro pieces for each story.

Here's what you will get for your money.

• Weekly newsletter full of updates!
• Covers, comic previews and more! Breaking art and covers!

• Tales from the Nailbiter and other Terrifying Stories! – A horror Anthology – Digital chapters. In the Nailbiter series we developed fourteen serial killers called the "Buckaroo Butchers," but we never showed a fleshed-out history of those serial killers. This would be additive to the Nailbiter comic series as each chapter would tell the horror stories of those killers in that world. Hosted by the Nailbiter himself. Each issue with a new guest artist. Written by Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson and surprise guests! Launching in October!
• BEHIND THE SCENES! – I have multiple creator-owned comics in development starting with DARK RIDE #1 in October. This will be the place to get a behind the scenes look at the development of those creator owned series.
• FLASH FACTS – Behind the scenes breakdown/posts of every single issue of my 100 + issue Flash run. Each month I will give details into each trade paperback collection. I wrote over 100 issues of the Flash. From 2016 to 2020. It feels like a lifetime ago, but it was a very big piece of my life. And I wanted to give you a peek at the process of that series. From start to finish. Annotated. Talk about why certain stories went the way they did and talk about a few stories that were left on the cutting room floor. I'll talk about getting the job on the series and the roller coaster ride it was on the book. It'll be fun. Trust me. Once Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths is completed, I will talk about the development and production of the event. Give some insight into what it was like writing a Crisis event for DC Comics.
• Full scripts from past projects – I'll post a digital copy of one of my scripts. One per month. Starting with ROBIN #1 from 2021.
• Breaking in – Stories about breaking into comics. Including that time in 2007 when I had to go to the hospital in the middle of a convention but still made all my meetings or in 2012 when I thought my whole career was over. I'll talk about the low moments and the triumphs.
• Early bird access to new merchandise and exclusives on the website.
• 5% discount on items in the new webstore launching October 2022.

• Everything at the FREE and MONTHLY level.
• NAILBITER FAN CLUB BOX – Exclusive box that contains a signed copy of vol.1 by Mike and I. Nailbiter trading cards set. A Nailbiter t-shirt. AND an enamel Nailbiter PIN.
• Behind the scenes look at the development and progress of the NAILBITER TABLE TOP GAME – Be there from the start as we try to make Nailbiter into a game!
• This is ONLY at the Annual sign-up level.

$250- Founders Tier. SUPER SCARY CLUB LEVEL!
• Everything at the Free and Monthly level.
• "Tales from the Nailbiter and other Terrifying Stories" trade paperback collection when it is in PRINT.
• THE SUPER SCARY BOX – Exclusive box with the SUPER SCARY PIN and the Super Scary T-shirt that let's people know you are in the SUPER SCARY CLUB.
• First 75 sign ups will get a special version of the Super Scary Pin that will never be remade. This is a really nice fancy metal version.
• The first 400 members will get a DARK RIDE #1 EXCLUSIVE VARIANT COVER by Mike Henderson. This is the only way you will ever get this cover. Ever.

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