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Grant Morrison Promises Eden's End, Poison Peach & It's A Dead...
In their most recent Substack, Grant Morrison has named a few upcoming projects with a teaser vertical video of them preparing their calendar Eden's End we knew about, a new project with Liam Sharp, scheduled for the Spring I mean, we don't know much about it, Grant Morrison stating ""We've been busy in the lab[...]
Havo's Wager by
3 Worlds / 3 Moons, the Substack comic creator channel from Jonathan Hickman, Mike Huddleston and Mike Del Mundo, has announced a new project launching on Tuesday, an illustrated prose story in the 3W3M universe, Havo's Wager by Al Ewing and Nimit Malavia with Sasha E Head for Valentine's Day. 3W3M HAVO'S WAGER is a prose story written[...]
Gerry Duggan Teases New Comic With David O'Sullivan
X-Men writer Gerry Duggan posted to his Substack newsletter subscribers "With THE GIANT KOKJÜ serialized here for our subscribers, the next thing on the horizon is the print version of those comics from Image with some rare goodies for our Substack subscribers I wanted to switch gears to show you a piece of art I[...]
Jeff Lemire & Malachi Ward Bring About Black Hammer: The End in March
Subsequently, he announced an exclusive deal with Image Comics in January 2022, but also stated in his Substack; Black Hammer Reborn will feed into 2023's big new series Black Hammer: The End which is the culmination of everything I have been doing in the Black Hammer Universe these past couple of years[...]
LOOK: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II
Until now. In yesterday's Substack newsletter, Grant Morrison promises a final return to Seaguy Eternal, of a sort They promise "an earbending 'musical' preview of Xanaduum's upcoming SEAGUY WEEK! Gas! SEAGUY WEEK – does what's printed on the label, promising a whole week of couldabeen wonders in the New Year of 2023, during which we plan[...]
Al Ewing, Nimit Malavia, Tini Howard & Phil Hester Come to 3W3M
3W3M, or Three Worlds Three Moons,is the Jonathan Hickman/Mike Huddleston/Mike Del Mondo Substack newsletter and publisher of the shared universe 3W3M comic book and behind-the-scenes experience edited by Stephen Wacker And they keep adding impressive new names to the rollout of comic books in this world Or three worlds. New announcements include two exclusive-for-subscribers stories, Havo's[...]
James Tynion IV Takes Substack Titles To Dark Horse Comics
On his Substack newsletter, James Tynion IV has just announced that his original Substack comic book titles won't be going to Image Comics along with Department Of Truth Wilf Fictions as you might have expected but will be joining his friend Scott Snyder at Dark Horse Comics This is a massive win for Dark Horse,[...]
X-Men, Iron Man and upcoming-Batman writer Gerry Duggan is the latest comic creator to pivot his focus to comic book creation through the Substack newsletter system "I'm going to be collaborating on comics and delivering them directly to you on Substack Subscribers will come away with DRM digital comics, and a lot of other goodies[...]
When Grant Morrison Subtweets Elon Musk On Substack
Grant Morrison just posted the following to his Substack An old comic book page, written and drawn by Grant Morrison from the 1970s, that suddenly seems to have gained greater relevance Possibly Either way, they posted it out of context today, with no other reason or description attached I guess you could draw your own[...]
James Tyion IV Moves Onion Club From Substack To Third Eye
James Tynion IV was probably the highest profile comic creator to launch their comic book offerings on Substack a year-and-change ago, quitting the DC Comics monthly Batman comic book to do so, and launching his Tiny Onion subscription Substack service with the premium level The Onion Club, offering a series of premium variant covers of[...]
Michael Avon Oeming, Christopher Mitten & Lamar Mathurin Join 3W/3M
Founding and Annual level subscribers to Jonathan Hickman, Mike Del Mundo and Mike Huddleston's Substack publishing comic book empire 3W/3M got their [SYSTEMS] Graphic Novel Sourcebook last month, a 200-page collection of comics, world-building, and process materials It wasn't just called Sourcebook though It was Sourcebook One. Michael Avon Oeming, Christopher Mitten & Lamar Mathurin Join[...]
Jerome Opena, The Latest Artist Drawing Jonathan Hickman's 3W3M
Jerome Opeña, coloured by Matt Hollingsworth, is the latest creative team coming to the 3W3M world created by Jonathan Hickman, Mike Del Mundo and Mike Huddleston, published on Substackj, with their story, Breathe It is to be the first in two full weeks of announcements around this ever-growing universe, and Bleeding Cool has a couple[...]
Kelly Thompson's Black Cloak #1 From Image Comics In January 2023
Yesterday, it was a year ago that Kelly Thompson joined the list of prominent comic book writers and artists who had been recruited with significant sums by Nick Spencer to start a subscription service at Substack, to publish their creator-owned books digitally ahead of print publication at a later date, probably from Image Comics[...]
Gerry Duggan to Launch Substack Comics Too, But First a Book of Photos
X-Men writer Gerry Duggan is the latest comic book creator to be announcing a line of Substack subscription comic books via a newsletter I mean, he hasn't announced it yet But he will do But first he has just launched a Kickstarter for a book of photos documenting twenty years of carrying a camera to[...]
Matt Rosenberg & Joshua Williamson Launch Substack Pro Subscriptions
Both Matthew Rosenberg and Joshua Williamson are launching new comic book subscriptions on Substack, as part of the Substack Pro comic book programme initially set up a year ago by Nick Spencer And, yes, there are more to come Substack is a newsletter subscription publishing programme initially focused on journalists but for the last year[...]
Matt Rosenberg & Joshua Williamson Launch Substack Pro Subscriptions
Both Matt Rosenberg and Joshua Williamson are launching new comic book subscriptions on Substack, as part of the Substack Pro comic book programme initially set up a year ago by Nick Spencer And, yes, there are more to come Substack is a newsletter subscription publishing programme initially focused on journalists but for the last year[...]
Scott Snyder's Plans For Substack Year Two
It was one year ago that Bleeding Cool, reported that "Scott Snyder Launches Substack Writing Classes For $7 A Month" With Scott telling us; Screencap of Scott Snyder's Substack lessons For $7 a month, you get access to everything teaching related The MONTHLY LIVE CLASS, the ARCHIVED CLASSES, plus TEACHING TIPS I'm going to put up once a week or so. Folks[...]
Chip Zdarsky & Scott Snyder's Substack Year Two Plans
As the initial Substack Pro comic book creators hit the second year of their subscription deals, they no longer get a grant from Substack, instead, they get 90% of their subscription fees Some are doubling down, some are going all free, some are dropping the highest premium level, some are reducing costs And current Batman/Daredevil[...]
Tyrell Cannon To Draw Ryan Stegman's New Substack/Image Comics
On the Kids Love Chains Substack YouTube streaming video featured Ryan Stegman, Ethan S Parker and Griffin Sheridan, they teased more information about the two new comic books that will be launching in Stegman and Donny Cates' Kids Love Chains Substack Year Two We knew that one was by Stegman and the other by Parker[...]
Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman Talk To Rich Johnston About Their Substack
It's time for the big beasts of Substack comes to lay out their plans for Year Two – and try and get as many of those subscribers to stick around now that they will be relying on 90% of the subscriptions to pay the bills, rather than the big six-figure advances While James Tynion IV[...]
James Tynion IV Is Only No 2 In Comics Substack, So He Tries Harder
In comic book writer James Tynion IV's most recent Substack newsletter, he looks back over a year of quitting DC Comics for Substack, and what he learned and achieved along the way And in the process dropped a few factoids or data point that we like to collect and draw occasional graphs with when we[...]
Skottie Young Makes All Content Free On Substack
Skottie Young time! Bleeding Cool broke some news on the changing face of Nick Spencer and Substack Comics recently But James Tynion IV just dropped some more news about how planning to appeal to existing subscribers to stick around for Year Two For Year Two, Substack Pro creators will no longer get a six-figure advance[...]
James Tynion IV Makes Bid to Keep $250 Substack Subscribers For Year 2
Bleeding Cool broke some news on the changing face of Nick Spencer and Substack Comics recently But James Tynion IV just dropped some more news about how he is handling it as Year Two approaches For Year Two, he will no longer get a six-figure advance from Substack, instead will get 90% of Substack subscriptions. [...]
SDCC Gossip About Substack Comics - Nick Spencer No Longer On Staff
At San Diego Comic-Con, Bleeding Cool heard some gossip at the Westgate Hotel CBLDF/ComiXology event regarding the future of Substack Comics, set up by Nick Spencer last year with comic book publishing deals set up for major comic book creators The word was that a) Nick Spencer had been fired from Substack comics and b)[...]
How Bill Jemas Killed Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy 2
On their Xanaduum Substack, Grant Morrison has been talking about years past, including the planned sequel to their Marvel Boy comic book at the time, with Phil Winslade to replace JG Jones as the series artist And why it didn't go down too well with Marvel Comics executives at the time for the most bizarre[...]
Grant Morrison's Plans For Todd McFarlane's Spawn
And at New York Comic Con, one of the Image partners accosted me to ask how I'd found out about Morrison, as they were aware that the phone call accepting the gig had occurred merely hours before. Todd McFarlane's Spawn And now, on their most recent Xanaduum Substack, they have confirmed much of that, saying "Todd McFarlane[...]
Numbercrunching Substack With Jonathan Hickman, Around $300,000 A Year
Last year, a number of comic book creators were tempted by Nick Spencer to join Substack Pro to publish their new original creator-owned comic books digitally and provide process materials for fans Paid a sizeable advance for the first year, the second year will be funded by 90% of their subscribers But how are the[...]
Skottie Young Explains His Stupid Fresh Mess in Image Comics Anthology
On his Substack newsletter, he explained where it came from; Years ago, I was going to make a run at a strip based on my family and the funny stuff that gets said between a couple, kids and parents, pets and even the wildlife that you see in your backyard I called it STUPID FRESH MESS[...]
Free Substack Comics Day - Grant Morrison, Brian K Vaughan & Tom King
Today is Substack Pro Comics' first-ever "Free Substack Comics Day." Think of it as the "Cyber Monday" to Free Comic Book Day's Black Friday, as it were With new comics from multiple creators on the platform, as well as comics that were previously only available to paid subscribers. The Scorpio Room by Tini Howard and Phillip Sevy: Tini[...]