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Jeremy Haun Joins Three World Three Moons
Subscribers to Jonathan Hickman, Mike Huddleston and Mike Del Mundo's Three World Three Moons substack may be a little light on completed pages for the project so far, but you can't deny the huge amounts of background material on offer and plans being made We mentioned that Stephen Green was hired as an artist on[...]
John Stanisci's Lifedeath Comes To Substack For Origin Story
Writer, artist, and actor John Stanisci's first creator-owned series Lifedeath was originally developed for Vertigo, but after that all folded, was taken to Kickstarter a few years back and now, for his birthday, is coming back via Substack today With comics industry stalwart Jeremy Atkins, they are launching a Substack newsletter – though not one[...]
Stephen Green Joins Three Worlds Three Moons Substack Comics
Stephen Green, co-creators of Sea Of Stars and artist on Hellboy And The BPRD: 1954 The Black Sun and Lobster Johnson: Garden Of Bones, is joining Mike del Mundo, Jonathan Hickman, and Mike Huddleston's Three Worlds Three Moons shared universe comic book project being serialised (slowly) on Substack. You've gotten some great [PROCESS] posts from Mike[...]
Mindless Speculation: Tom King, Ed Brubaker and Substack Comics?
Because Ed Brubaker went on John Siuntres' Word Balloon podcast to talk up his Reckless graphic novels but also his decision not to take the Substack Pro shilling offered to him and Sean Phillips by Nick Spencer Bleeding Cool had mentioned that before, but Ed Brubaker went into further details At which point many Little[...]
Jeff Lemire Returns To Royal City From Image Comics and Substack
And on his Substack channel Tales From The Farm, he has posted that a) it is returning and b) subscribers will be able to see much of it teasers and process work on Substack, though the comic will appear first with Image Comics Jeff Lemire writes; The story never felt done to me and it has[...]
Tini Howard, Nico Leon & Jordia Bellaire on Catwoman #39 From January
Tini Howard just shared the word on her Substack After her first work for DC Comics in December on Batman: Urban Legends #10 And in January, she will be writing the ongoing Catwoman #39 title, replacing Ram V and being joined by Nico Leon as artist and Jordie Bellaire as colourist, and covers by Jeff[...]
Jason Howard To Draw Jonathan Hickman's Duels
On his most recent Substack, Jonathan Hickman announced that Jason Howard would be drawing for the upcoming Duels series, part of the Three Worlds Three Moons 3W3M universe that Hickman is creating on Substack with Mike Del Mundo and Mike Huddlestone, as well as guest-writers Al Ewing and Ram V. Jason Howard To Draw Jonathan Hickman's[...]
Scott Snyder's #Scottober ComiXology Party At NYCC Next Week
With the New York Comic-Con kicking off this weekend (though most European attendees are still banned from entering the country) Scott Snyder has been reminiscing on his Substack about the mistakes he has made at comic book conventions and that; I didn't respect the fact that it was one big workplace, that everybody in the industry[...]
Thank FOC It's Saturday
It goes to Final Order Cut-Off from comic book stores on Monday, but with the conversation about creator-owned comic books and Substack reading its head again, what's his take on the Substack scenario This has seen comic book creator offered a large six-figure sum for a year to start up a subscriber account and publish[...]
Brian Bendis Has Been Made A Substack PRO Offer
Joe Grunenwald at Comics Beat asked Brian Bendis, given that he has a Substack newsletter if he had also received a Substack PRO offer He confirmed that he had, saying "Yes, I have an offer from them I usually don't speak of business that I'm in the middle of, right? That always been, maybe how[...]
Adrian Tomine Is Substack's First Writer In Residence
He is now the first Substack Writer In Residence, and his new Substack newsletter explains more of what that actually means for him Because there are more writers to follow it seems. Adrian Tomine Is Substack's First Writer In Residence  I had the idea to address the most common questions and comments I've received recently, and to[...]
Ryan Stegman Livestreams Spider-Man Tonight For Substack Subscribers
Tonight Ryan Stegman will be running a Livestream for his and Donny Cates' Substack subscribers for Kids Love Chains Press And he'll be taking the opportunity to draw Spider-Man, last seen from Ryan in King in Black before he jumped to KLC Press comics, being serialised on Substack Starting at 6.30 pm ET, 3.30 pm[...]
Kelly Thompson Launches Her Own Substack Comics
Kelly Thompson has joined the list of prominent comic book writers and artists who have been recruited with significant six-figure sums by Nick Spencer to start a subscription service at Substack, to publish their creator-owned books digitally ahead of print publication at a later date, probably from Image Comics And I knew because I have[...]
And now Tynion is taking it to Substack With The Department Of Truth: Wild Fictions. It will focus on the Field Office team which hunts down legendary monsters before enough people believe in them, and were introduced in The Department Of Truth #11 and #12 Bigfoot story. The two-parter introduced THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH: FIELD OFFICE, which[...]
James Tynion IV On Being Told To Write Alfred Pennyworth's Funeral
James Tynion IV has continued to talk on his Substack newsletter about his work on the Batman comic book and the editorial and creative challenges it faced, working on a run that was basically a fill-in, something to lead up to 5G, which is all anyone was interested in and, in November 2019, there was[...]