Kickstart From The Heart: Super, Dungeons & Dragons The Documentary, Last Son Of Krypton, Awesome Robo

Bleeding Cool's  Kickstarter Correspondent, Shawn Demumbrum has lead three Kickstarter campaigns to launch comic books, two successfully funded and one that wasn't.  Each week he will point out some of the unique Kickstarter projects that wouldn't normally be published by the big comic book companies, but deserve your attention.  Shawn's current project Break the Walls: Stories Inspired by the Songs of the Pixies is also being funded through Kickstarter  Interested in learning how to run a Kickstarter campaign?  Read his new series Kickstart Your Comic.

This week I look at some of the comic book and geek culture projects outside the Comics category.

 Kickstart From The Heart: Super, Dungeons & Dragons The Documentary, Last Son Of Krypton, Awesome RoboProject: Super, the Cosplay Calendar

Creator: Hope and Mayhem Studios

Concept: "The intersection of superheroes and supermodels, featuring fan favorites from tv, movies, and magazines! In a kickass calendar."

Fundraising for: "Currently, we are looking for 27,000 in funding. This cost is only to cover the expenses of the project. Talented people need their space, and that means a lot of ground to cover to get them all together. Airfare, hotels, gas and general expenses are the vast majority of our budget. While the creators of the project have offered to remove their own payment from the bill (we are quite happy with our refrigerator box/living arrangements,) it is still important to compensate the team we have collected for their services. This includes all models, photographers, f/x and make up artists who have come together to make this the best in cosplay and superhero fun possible."

Sweet spot: Pledge $25 or more. "One physical copy of the calendar + a pdf version."

Cool Zone: Pledge $250 or more. "A special addition to our shooting schedule, we will be doing a gender bender Jay and Silent Bob. We will send you digitals of the best shots, as well as one 8×10 print, signed by the models.  One physical copy of the calendar + a pdf version."

Tipping point: If I have to tell you why after you've seen models on the project, then we have bigger differences than DC vs. Marvel.

So far: $1987 of $27000 with 9 days to go

Kickstart From The Heart: Super, Dungeons & Dragons The Documentary, Last Son Of Krypton, Awesome RoboProject: Dungeons and Dragons: A Documentary

Creator: Iconoscope Films/Westpaw Films

Concept: "We think that Dungeons & Dragons (the game and the documentary) is a perfect fit for this grand experiment. It's a game that's affected millions of lives and there's a built-in community behind it. It was a game made for groups of people and we felt it was a natural conclusion that it should be a film made by groups of people."

Fundraising for: "If we get our goal of $150,000, we get to shoot the film. This is the minimum we need for actual production, crew, equipment, flights and lodging."

Sweet spot: Pledge $40 or more. "A DVD or Blu-Ray copy of the Documentary."

Cool Zone: Pledge $100 or more. "A signed copy of David Ewalt's book "Of Dice and Men". This authoritative history chronicles the surprising history of D&D's origins (one largely unknown even to hardcore players) while examining the game's profound impact, written by a respected journalist (Forbes) and life-long player. David also serves as one of the historians for the Documentary. If you ask nicely, he'll even put a smiley face next to his autograph for you. PLUS the 2-Disc, Limited Edition Blu-Ray or DVD of the Documentary."

Tipping point: I love documentaries and a documentary about D&D in time for the 40th Anniversary of the game seems like a great idea.

So far: $45,000 of $150,000 with 12 days to go

Kickstart From The Heart: Super, Dungeons & Dragons The Documentary, Last Son Of Krypton, Awesome RoboProject: Last Son of Krypton

Creator: Shaheer Naqvi

Concept: "The film follows Superman in one of the most intense battles he's ever had with Lex Luthor, who has built a weapon strong enough to kill Superman. When things begin to go for the worst, Superman's sidekick Nightwing slips a Legion ring onto his finger transporting him back to his past. When Clark wakes up, he's in the middle of his high school hallway and realizes he has to re-live his past and prevent Lex Luthor from creating a kryptonite helmet which has the ability to harness Clark's powers. Will Clark once again don the infamous red cape or will he find this as an opportunity to start over without exposing the world to Superman? "

Fundraising for: "The money we raise from this campaign will go directly towards the film. Such as, the Nightwing suit, Superman suit, various props, theater rental costs and food for the actors when on-location for shoots."

Sweet spot: Pledge $25 or more. "Anyone who pledges $25 or more will receive a personalized thank you letter from the director as well as a digital download of the film once it's been released and will also receive a copy of the DVD which includes bonus features and exclusive behind the scenes footage."

Tipping point: I'm a fan of fan fiction super hero films and low budget independent films.  This fills the bill for both.  Sure, it's plays fast and loose with the DC canon, but it's only a $550 film.  They should get credit for casting a Louis CK look-a-like for Lex Luthor instead of spending extra money to get the real comedian.

So far: $91 of $550 with 9 days to go

Kickstart From The Heart: Super, Dungeons & Dragons The Documentary, Last Son Of Krypton, Awesome RoboProject: AwesomeRobo Apparel

Creator: AwesomeRobo

Concept: "A collection of stylish graphic tees created in collaboration with up and coming artists from around the web!"

Fundraising for: "The funding from this Kickstarter will go into printing the designs that we already have lined up, just waiting to get out there and be worn! As we also mentioned in our video, using the funds to print more designs will allow us to create a business side to our website. This will assist us in further developing our site, and allow us to add more functionality to our website and community features down the line."

Sweet spot: Pledge $20 or more. "One shirt of your choice! (Sizes offered: S, M, L, XL) "

Tipping point: A robot themed t-shirt by Amazing Joy Buzzards own Dan Hipp should be motivation enough to chip in $20, even though they have hit their goal.

So far: $4515 of $2000 with 7 days to go

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