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Kickstopped: 35 Late Crowdfunded Kickstarter Comic Books

I believe that very few people turn to crowdfunding on Kickstarter, IndieGogo, or others intentionally to con donors. But for all manner of reasons, whatever was being funded can get later and later and then disappears. Lateness is not uncommon — there are so many reasons. Some creators keep people in the loop and give refunds to those who request them. But for other creators, updates stop. People who complain get blocked. And this response – or lack of one – fuels rage and turns someone who may have been a biggest fan into a hater. Welcome to Kickstopped, an irregular look at crowdfunded comics that have juddered to a halt. This is Part One? Why Part One? Because post the crowfunded comics you are still waiting on in the comments, and that's your part two.

We have covered, sadly, a number of the books below before. But some we were happy to take off the list. Against odds some previously researched, such as Brendon and Ali Jerwa's comic book movie Untold Tales Of The Comic Industry from 2013 actually shipped and were released, as was Paul Dini's Boo & Hiss from 2017. Diskordia Book 2 by Rivenis, launched in 2017, has just started shipping books. But the following, so far, have not.

Kickstopped: 35 Late Crowdfunded Comic Books on Kickstarter
Kickstopped: 35 Late Crowdfunded Comic Books on Kickstarter

Jason Pearson's Body Bags: Don't Die Until I Kill You. In late 2015, Jason Pearson received $39,514 from 466 backers on Kickstarter to create a 96 page Body Bags story, Don't Die Unless I Kill You, five people also donated $1200-$1500 each for commissions. Twenty-six people pledged $200 each for rewards including a sketch card. In April 2017, Jason posted "Hang tight– this thing is happening!… I'm late (over a year now); understand, that the last time I did a BB series, in '96, I ended up in a hospital, in ICU, with several thousand dollars in personal debt. So when people ask for another Body Bags story, I want to bash their heads in with a baseball bat. But here we are. No complaints. No sob stories. All the pressure is on me, never on you. This story is all heart. No love. It's as brutal as my perceptions of beauty. Story is done and art is finally on the train tracks and moving forward. Kickstarter–you'll see pages at the end of next month." In 2019, he told Bleeding Cool "That I'm writing and drawing pages for a series that I really hated doing and didn't amount to much. Ironically- This series is all that I have left now to right the wrongs that I never made. That I'm doing my best. That is always what I'm doing. I could kick out a comic book series with absurd characters and with an empty story. But that would be the usual. I'm anything but usual. If you, as others, are angry with me, it's up to you I'm always going to do my best with or without you. Patience is the key if any of you wish to be with me. Thanks for asking but I doubt that will be enough at this point and time."

In 2019, Jason Pearson posted "Five Body Bags mini-series have finally now been written. This series, "Don't Die Until I Kill You" is in its pencil and ink stage now. Figuring out the color theory for the whole damn thing as I type this. 2021 will have at least 3 three Body Bags mini-series. This 4 issue mini-series. Then a 3 issue Panda mini-series. Then a 3 issue Mack mini-series. Then hopefully, at the end of the year, depends on Diamond winter distribution-the Body Bags series titled Vicious. I understand my Kick starter people, if you printed your "I Hate Jason Pearson" t-shirts. Save me one because I really don't like myself for taking this long either. Thank you for your patience " On Facebook, he also posted that same year "it will come out this year. But I'm doing four mini series in a row. DDUIKU is the first. After "Vicious" maybe I'll take a break and say hello to y'all. Until then that means no cons, no book signings, no appearances from me. Just straight back to doing my best comic work. I'm sorry for the delay but yours and everyone's patience will pay off in the end. Because Body Bags will have a series finale. There will be an end to Mack and Panda." Nothing since.

Japan Needs Heroes was a benefit book for the Japanese flooding of 20211 and raised $17,860, a comic book featuring numerous creative talent from both the Webcomic and Print comic worlds coming together for a common cause.  100% of the profits for this book were to benefit the victims affected by the tragedy in Japan. Eventually, digital copies were sent by printed copies seemed to have been abandoned in a warehouse.

Kickstopped: 35 Late Crowdfunded Comic Books
Kickstopped: 35 Late Crowdfunded Comic Books on Kickstarter

Joe Madureira's Battlechasers: Night War. In 2015, as part of the $850,000+ Kickstarter for the Battle Chasers: Nightwar game from 2015, based on Joe Madureira's comic book Battle Chasers, published by Image Comics' Cliffhanger imprint back in the day, Madureira promised he would draw the unpublished Battlechasers #10-12 for release in December 2016. The game was delayed, the comics even more so. In 2019, he announced he would no longer be drawing all of the pages. But it still remains unpublished.

Tony HarrisRoundeye started in 2010, the oldest project on this page, caused some problems, by originally being a Kickstarter that would supply people with a book, to being cancelled and restarted, now with the rewards only supporting the production of the book. It's always good to read the small print before you donate. However thirteen years later, the book has not been finished and shows no sign of completion.

Midnight Harvest: Sensual Nightmares by Richard Pace was launched in 2013, collecting mostly already drawn pin-ups and a new 12-page story. He doesn't post a lot of updates, and people are left hanging for months but he does still appear to be working on the project.

Journeymen Anthology #1 by Noel Burns from 2011 was a new comic anthology designed to give new creators and artists a chance to work in a professional setting and be seen. It fell apart. Completed stories were posted online, but the project was declared abandoned in 2017.

Kickstopped: 35 Late Crowdfunded Comic Books on Kickstarter
Kickstopped: 35 Late Crowdfunded Comic Books on Kickstarter

Metamora #1 & #2 by Lou Frontier. Launched in 2016, but the creator shortly ghosted everyone and has deleted his Facebook page.

Great Big Hawaiian Dick 100 Page Hardcover by B Clay Moore from 2015. Told backers previously that he wasn't allowed to create new material after the TV rights were bought by NBC. However, when last heard from, as posted by disgruntled backers, this is now scheduled for printing in August. It was not. There have been no updates since.

Molly Danger the Ongoing Series by Jamal Igle was launched in 2015 with delays that Igle puts down to other projects such as BLACK intervening, and a major upheaval in his life. However, he has kept constant updates to his backers – communication and addressing raised issues is often key to keeping fans onside.

The Princess Lucinda graphic novel series by Malcolm Harris from 2012 did actually see publication – but it seems that Kickstarter backers didn't get the print copies they'd pledged for, even as the books were sold in stores back in 2013.

Lackluster HC Graphic Novel by Eric Adams launched in 2015. A dark satire about an albino man using vandalism and journalism to change his world while evading his fanatically religious siblings… but no dice. First down to sick cats, but last year, he reported that his wife fell seriously ill.

The Black Mill Comic Book: Issue Zero by Paul Di Filippo launched in 2016, an April update says they are almost there… "Just a small progress report to let you know that Orion Zangara is drawing his heart out for the project and reports good progress. See the tiniest sample below, and stay tuned!"

Kickstopped: 35 Late Crowdfunded Comic Books on Kickstarter
Kickstopped: 35 Late Crowdfunded Comic Books on Kickstarter

Unhappy White Girls: A comic book novella by Christian Beranek, Triska, Vivian Lee and Thomas Mauer launched in 2011, private updated in 2014, when Christian was looking for a colourist. Earlier this year, Beranke posted "The art is done but I feel the world has moved on since this project began. It will come out in some form one day. Backers are always welcome to message me. I will remain transparent. I am not a "human garbage scammer" lol But I am disappointed in myself for not completing this version of the book. I take full responsibility. That said, with new perspective, with many years gone by, perhaps what will eventually be released will be a better product."

Mandi #1 by Shawn Surface, launched in 2015 promising to 'join in on a voyage of discovery and mystery during a special year of a very special girl's life.' In 2018 he posted "I have been away for some time now and I do apologize for my absence, as I have mentioned in a previous message after nearly completing the art on issue #1 of "Mandi" I experienced some drastic health and financial issues that greatly altered my release timeline for this book, thus creating an unavoidable delay. I have since had to move and find another job as I continue to struggle with numerous health problems. I am here to assure all my backers that I haven't abandoned you or my project which is near and dear to my heart. I have just recently re-settled and am starting to concentrate on a release schedule for "Mandi #1". Barring any great catastrophe (me dropping dead or the Earth hurtling into the Sun) "Mandi #1" will be coming out by end of this year 2018, I will of course keep all updated on latest developments on the project including an official release date and the shipping out the rewards kits. Again I do apologize for the delays, but they were unavoidable I assure you, believe me I want to get my book(s) out more than you do, and I agree its taken waaayyyy too long to get here, so with that, I will keep everyone updated more regularly from now on and hope upon hope this little adventure will finally get off the printer and into your hands… I thank you all for your continued infinite patience and support, GOD bless…." It was then reported in 2020 that Shawn did indeed die, with a comment reading "I talked to Jason Adams, a close friend to Shawn. He informed me that he is going to put together a team of artists and finish the first issue. Shawn's older brother Wayne has given him permission to finish the first issue and get it out there. Shawn was his best friend and he has some of his art. He had only 16 pages done (Penciled & Inked, but not colored) but he is putting together a small group of various artists to finish the first issue." That was the least heard of the project.

A Translation of Osamu Tezuka's "The Crater" by Kansai Club Publishing from 2013.  In 2014 they posted, "I will be posting another update this week with the new dates for when the books will be shipped once we receive the updated schedule from our printer." And that was that.

Hobson's Choice Issue One by Keith Smith and Mike Ellis was launched in 2015. 'In this supernatural thriller, Jake Hobson seeks meaning behind a world that gives him free will with no real choices but destined path.' Some folk dropped $250 on this. The last update was in 2015, saying "To all of our wonderful backers! We apologize for the delays we have experienced, but want to assure you that even though it moves slowly, everything is still moving forward with Hobson's Choice. Due to changes in the structure of the team(s), ColossalArts will no longer be able to provide you with updates through this KickStarter account. For all future updates, please visit our FaceBook page at:" That link no longer works…

Zombie With A Shotgun #2 by Rats & Crows Publishing from 2017. No updated, no comments, no nothing.

Two from the same person now, Wicker launched in 2014 and Ruin launched in 2013 by Darker Sho. He offered refunds for the latter but no one has heard from him for six years.

The ComiXwriter-Scriptwriting software for Comic Books from 2013 was backed by some big names but seems to have made no difference. Updates are full of people asking for refunds, very few getting them.

Voodoo Detective: Old Wounds and Other Tales was launched in 2017, but before the year was out, creator Rik Thomas Favino had ghosted the internet.

Beyond Beauty, A Graphic Novel by Najela, a gender twisted version of the Beauty and the Beast, got ugly fast. Launched in 2013, earlier this year, the creator wrote a massive apology, including "doing this kickstarter the way I did was a huge mistake. The main mistake was that I assumed I would be in the position to come out of pocket for the books and the postage and I wasn't up until recently. By then, it had been years and it was just embarrassing to admit that I shouldn't have done this in the first place. I'm glad it was successful and that people responded to it in a way that I wasn't expecting. It made all that pain and heartache that I went through when I first wrote the story almost worth it." It was released digitally in 2019, but there were no print copies shipped.

Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett's Section Zero was to return, launching in 2019 for publication in 2020. The book is currently still being written and drawn.Kickstopped: 35 Late Crowdfunded Comic Books

Chase The Moon by Drew Moss is meant to be a 100-page Graphic novel about "two crazy kids in love in the middle of an all-out, citywide monster gang war" from 2018. Has recently publijished art updates, but has not been published.

Vito Delsante proffered his own Kickstarter, The Golden Guard from 2017, saying "we are currently refunding with a plan to relaunch once we've finished."

The Adventures Of Simone And Ajax by Andrew Pepoy, from 2020. Late, a year ago Pepoy posted "Hi, Evonne! It's going a lot more slowly than I'd like, but it is coming along. I'm in the middle of pencilling another batch of 5 pages, and once they're done I'll post another update with art from them. In the meantime, please go to to see the first 6 pages of "Monster Mia" in full color. Thanks for your patience and support!"

The Dark Tales Of The Brothers Harrow Vol 1 by Pale Ravens Studios was to collect the first two issues of two sci-fi fantasy titles – The Delta and Avalon: The World Within from 2014 was meant to ship that year. They promised printing last year, but no sign, though some received a digital version.

Frostlings, launched by Patrick Block in 2014 was intended as a 200+ page graphic novel set on a snowball. Last year they updated saying that a Chinese printer had let them down and refunded their payments so they are looking for a replacement. No word since.

Aztec Ace launched in 2016 by Drew Ford was to be the first complete collection of Doug Moench's comic. It is now being published by Dark Horse in July and backers hope they will get copies. Plenty of people never got Airboy #51 from Drew, either though. Or Pearl Harbor or Final Hours by Sam Glanzmann. And more besides. Red Range was a new comic book series by Keith Lansdale and Jok from Drew Ford from 2019 for 2020, but is also late. Three months ago, Ford posted "I apologize for the book being so very late. I am working to fix this situation. Some of the problems surrounding this book are related to the pandemic. Whatever problems remain, I will take responsibility for. But either way, the book is still being published. Again, my apologies for such a long wait. Your patience is deeply appreciated."

I Was A Teenage Michael Jackson Impersonator! by Keith Knight, launched in 2012. People waiting, private updates, considering the delay most people seem chilled on the comments…

Tim Truman kickstartered for Scout: Marauder as "the first volume in a new graphic novel series set in the dystopian future that I created for Scout and Scout: War Shaman, published by Eclipse Comics." Intended for 2019, he continued to publish pages and sketches, but no publication.

Kickstopped: XX Late Crowdfunded Comic Books

Space Goat Productions did a Kickstarter for an Evil Dead 2 Comic Omnibus which launched in 2017 but still hasn't shipped or updated in a while. In 2018, Shon Bury stated "With the apparent failure of the equity crowdfunding campaign, we have taken a step back to regroup and consider a number of options. Some paths forward have been presented to us. We need a few weeks to find the best path forward. As soon as we find that best path forward, you all will be the first to know." No update since, however it was put on sale on Amazon.

And there are still people waiting on Womanthology from 2011… and Peter Pan from 2012 from Ray Dillon and Renae De Liz. And are happy to keep saying to in the comments, even though most people seemed to get their copies.

Brigade Returns by Rob Liefeld – In 2013, comic book writer/artist/publisher, creator of Youngblood and Major X and co-creator of Cable and DeadpoolRob Liefeld, crowdfunded an appeal to revive one of his earliest creator-owned comic books Brigade on Kickstarter. The plan was that he would be able to print a large number of issues which he would be able to give away for free, as well as those who donated to the appeal getting exclusive merch. But that was ten years ago. Liefeld has made a number of refunds, including very recently, but some a) don't want a refund, they want what they were promised and b) some haven't had that refund they believe was promised to them. Copies of the book were printed shipped in 2020 but there are many donors who state they did not receive what they were promised, or a refund. No comics were given away free, en masse, as was originally planned.

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