The Last Lying In The Gutters Before San Diego Comic-Con

The last Lying In The Gutters before San Diego. Tomorrow we run our Rumour Checklist for you to follow the show at home…  If you haven't signed up for the Lying in the Gutters weekly email, you can do so here. Because for the show we will also be issuing daily LITG recaps of the previous day at San Diego as well.

Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusive Defenders Rail Authority Set 3

Of course not all rumours will make it onto the Checklist… but what have Bleeding Cool readers been reading this week?

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. American Horror Story Season 8: Billy Eichner Teases "Secret Friend"
  2. Scotching Those 4Chan DC Comics Rumours
  3. The Flash #50 Goes Meta, Brings Back a Very Familiar Figure [Major Spoilers]
  4. Brian Bendis Has Martian Manhunter Tempt Superman to Become Miracleman? (Superman #1 Spoilers)
  5. Nick Spencer Teases Spider-Marriage Return in Amazing Spider-Man #1 [Spoilers]
  6. Tim Curry's Version of Pennywise is Coming Soon – Check Out the New Photos
  7. Image Surprise-Publishes New Robert Kirkman Comic Die!Die!Die! With Walking Dead's Showrunner and Chris Burnham in Comic Stores Tomorrow
  8. Cloud Imperium Games Shows Off Star Citizen's 3.3 Update
  9. DC Comics' Black Label Series to Be Oversized, Starting with Batman: Damned
  10. Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp's Green Lantern to Be Announced at SDCC?
  11. Watchmen Actor Thinks Warner Bros Should Release the Snyder Cut of Justice League
  12. Gail Simone's Women in Refrigerators Exists in the Marvel Universe
  13. USA Bans Lion Forge Cartoonist From Attending San Diego Comic-Con
  14. Did DC Just Kill Off a Major Villain? [Red Hood and the Outlaws #24 Spoilers]
  15. Bleeding Cool's Giant San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Party List
  16. Josh Malina Posts 'The West Wing' Reboot Fuel
  17. Marvel to Announce Superior Octopus #1 at San Diego Comic-Con
  18. Plastic Man #2 Stretches Profanity Guidelines at DC Comics
  19. A Dalek Donald Trump Invades London
  20. How Much Did the Creators of Black Lightning Get Paid For the TV Series?

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. San Diego Bar Running 'Geeks Be Gone' Event the Monday After Comic-Con – and subsequent Apology
  2. Stan Lee Abduction, Abuse, Theft of $5,000,000 Assets, Scripted Video Threats Alleged In Court Application
  3. G. Willow Wilson Confirmed as Writer on Wonder Woman
  4. DC Comics to Announce New Freedom Fighters Series at San Diego?
  5. Marvel Comics Collects Its Annuals as 'Marvel Universe: Time and Again'
  6. Spider-Gwen to Return as Ghost Spider in New Series to Be Announced at SDCC
  7. Carmine Di Giandomenico to Join Peter Tomasi on Detective Comics?
  8. Samuel Jackson Shares His Nick Fury Business Card With the Internet – But What Do the Numbers Mean?
  9. Cary Nord to Join G Willow Wilson on Wonder Woman in November
  10. Axel Alonso Also Returning to Comics as a Comics Publisher?

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