Let's Take a Look at Some Jonathan Hickman Comics

I realize now I read quite a bit of Jonathan Hickman comics recently, but it was only in retrospect. Here are my thoughts on some recent comics from, you guessed it, Jonathan Hickman and an array of collaborators.

Decorum #4:

Hickman and the team return to the series' A-plot, the conquering armies and invading cultures. Mike Huddleston does some of his most breathtaking work yet, which is saying something. This is genuinely one of Image's best comics out now.

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Decorum issue 4 cover. Credit: Image Comics

Adventureman #2 and #3:

(The only comic here not written by Hickman.) Matt Fraction and The Dodsons delve deeper into the mystery of Adventureman and a building that only appears to Claire and disappears even when she takes a picture of it. Adventureman is propulsive, and the question of "is the titular character real beyond the in-universe book series" is kind of obviously yes at this point, it's refreshing all the same. Claire's family is fleshed out and is obviously the heir to the Adventureman entourage. Adventureman reads like eating ice cream on a hot day.

As DC Leaves Advance Reorders Chart, Boom, Image, IDW Make Advances
The cover of Adventureman #2. Credit: Image Comics

Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler:

Hickman and Alan Davis combine for a spooky one-shot, which answers the question of what happens to the Xavier School when all of the X-Men are on Krakoa? The Giant-Size line is my introduction into Hickman's X-Men, and thus far, these one-shots are an excellent way to dip my toe into the whirling waters of this period's X-Men.

Looking At Some Jonathan Hickman Comics
The cover of Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler (2020) #1. Credit: Marvel

X-Men Volume 1 by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Yu:

The absolute highlight of this collection is the X-Men facing off against a group of women that's basically the Golden Girls as eco-terrorists. Apocalypse, Magneto, and Professor Xavier sitting down at the Davos Economic Forum are fun too. In that issue, the team wisely cuts between Cyclops fighting off the anti-mutant killers hired to assassinate the negotiating party of (forgive me, it's worth repeating) Apocalypse, Magneto and Professor Xavier, and the tense negotiation happening over lunch.

Looking At Some Jonathan Hickman Comics
The cover of X-Men Volume 1. Credit: Marvel

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