Lifetimes Of Love Despite War In Welcome Back From Boom

Prepare yourself for an exciting new release from BOOM! Studios entitled Welcome Back. Written by new and upcoming comic writer Christopher Sebela, with art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer (Critical Hit), Welcome Back gives love a whole new meaning. The story centers on Mali and Tessa, who have lived hundreds of different lives. Caught up in an eternal cycle of war, neither side can remember what they're fighting for. However, that all changes one day when Mali wakes up in her newest life. Suddenly, she becomes self-aware and starts to question everything. Will she continue to fight, and will Tessa be on the same page?

I don't know about you, but that description gives me chills. I like the idea of this strong fate type bond that lasts throughout lifetimes. It's an admirable exciting thing to witness. Sebela's idea of reincarnated assassins who are forever fighting, killing, and loving each other throughout endless lives is intense and refreshing. I think BOOM! Studios is supporting a dynamite creative team with this one. I should probably start walking around wearing "I love BOOM! Studios" t-shirts, because with all of these intriguing new releases, they're taking over my pull list. Be sure to add Welcome Back #1 to your "titles to look for in August," list. I definitely will be.

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