Lucio Parrillo Bulks Up to Paint Vampirella Cover

I reckon it must be quite hard work, knocking out a cover for the Vampirella cover. All those late nights spent chained to the board, stroke, after stroke after stroke, building up quite a sweat. No wonder you end up with forearms like Lucio Parrillo.

Lucio Parrillo Bulks Up to Paints Vampirella Cover.
Lucio Parrillo Bulks Up to Paints Vampirella Cover. Image from Dynamite.

Dynamite Entertainment has taken advantage of this man's mastery of his own domain but using his latest work for a new limited edition cover for the soon-to-be-published Vampirella #10. The series is written by Christopher Priest, with art by Ergun Gunduz.

It is currently being listed on IndieGoGo, directly, and won't be available through the normal sales channels. The covers can be ordered for $20 each and there's also a lithograph version, signed or unsigned. You can also order straight from the printer, CGC "slabbed" copies graded at 9.6 or higher, though you will pay the price.

Lucio Parrillo Bulks Up to Paints Vampirella Cover.
Lucio Parrillo Bulks Up to Paints Vampirella Cover. Image from Dynamite.

Lucio Parrillo is an Italian painter born in Catanzaro, on January 30, 1974, and attended art school in Catanzaro, a city in southern Italy. He has been working on comics for Dynamite for nearly a decade as well as many other publishers, including Marvel and DC. He's also known for illustrating for some of the gaming community's biggest names like Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering. He has drawn comics including Vampire Girls, Coven 2, Eternal Temptation and L' Empire Eternel.

His Dungeons & Dragons work includes cover art for Champions of Ruin, and interior art for Sharn: City of Towers, Monster Manual III, Eberron Campaign Setting, Champions of Valor, Spell Compendium, Red Hand of Doom, Tome of Magic, Player's Handbook II, Dragon Magic, Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, Rules Compendium, the fourth edition Manual of the Plane, Thunderspire Labyrinth, Pyramid of Shadows, and Martial Power.

(W) Christopher Priest (A) Ergun Gunduz
FLIGHT PLAN, PART 2: In the aftermath of the tragic plane crash that changed Vampirella's life, Vampi's enemies revel in their triumph while she hits emotional rock bottom, having lost the life she'd built as "Ella Normandy." This leads to Vampi seeking help from two unexpected sources: a trauma specialist working with the airline, and, ultimately, the real enemy who's been out to destroy her.In Shops: Jun 24, 2020
SRP: $3.99

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