Lying In The Gutters, 2nd September 2018 – Would Frank Cho Draw Rick And Morty?

Welcome to the weekly runaround Bleeding Cool, looking at the most read stories of the week – and a few that may have been missed out. Whether comic creators are posting cheesecake covers, buttholes or selfies with Alan Moore,  artists are the ones continuing to make the headlines right now. Even when they are sneaking ex-Mormon references into comic book artwork. Oh and basically posting anything about Rick & Morty gets read. 

Maybe we could combine them all? Hey, Frank Cho, could you draw Rick showing his arse to Alan Moore while singing 'I Believe' from The Book Of Mormon? Thank you…

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Why Frank Cho Keeps Those Outrage Sketch Covers Going
  2. Ryan Ottley Snuck Ex-Mormon Reference Into Amazing Spider-Man #4
  3. The Shiny Wingull Got Released Into Pokémon GO Early
  4. Ethan Van Sciver vs Robbi Rodriguez – Fractured, But Whole
  5. Chris Claremont Wants to Cast Michelle Yeoh as the X-Men's Professor X
  6. Here Comes Thor: War of the Realms
  7. Will Batman: Damned Have Its 'Gwen Stacy' Moment? (Major Spoilers)
  8. Kevin Smith – From Fatman to (Kinda) Batman
  9. Alan Moore and Donny Cates Settle the Venom vs. Watchmen Debate
  10. The Hillywood Show Releases 'Supernatural' 'Ghostbusters' Parody
  11. Marsha Cooke, Ethan Van Sciver, Comicsgate, and Darwyn Cooke's Legacy
  12. Rick and Morty #40 [Late] Review: Putting Pickle Rick to Bed
  13. C.B. Cebulski Says John Byrne Return is Top of Wishlist, More Chris Claremont X-Men Confirmed
  14. Fan Expo: New Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series Figures Revealed
  15. Two Fates Of Wolverine Revealed – in Extermination And Dead Ends (Final Page Spoilers)
  16. Preview: Rick and Morty Take on Dungeons & Dragons Next Week
  17. Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso Talent-Hunting For New Comics Publisher
  18. Mutilating the O5 X-Men in Extermination #2 – What Does This Mean For Iceman? (Spoilers)
  19. Are Comics For Everyone? Tom King Thinks Not
  20. The Paranormal Doesn't Stand a Chance in New 'Always Sunny' Teaser

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Comic Book Prices, Inflation Over The Decades and Why Spawn Bucks the Trend
  2. DC Comics Removes All Comments From Retailer Facebook Page
  3. Neil Gaiman, The CBLDF, SPX, and Cody Pickrodt
  4. Ryan Ottley's Ex-Mormon Reference Removed From Amazing Spider-Man #4
  5. Details on Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso's New Comics Publisher – Artists, Writers & Artisans Inc
  6. Ben Templesmith Begs DC Comics to Let Him Draw Lobo
  7. Ms. Marvel Has Sold Half a Million Trade Paperbacks
  8. Digging Out More About Marvel's New Defenders Series
  9. Forbidden Planet International Closes Online Store
  10. Mitch, Elizabeth Breitweiser Pull Out Of Lakes Festival Over Personal Safety Concerns

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