Lying In The Gutters – 25th March 2018 – Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?

Super-Size Man has been a hot topic of conversation this week, even if certain tweets have been deleted. But as everyone has been flying to WonderCon this week, we hope tolerance is in the air…

Lying In The Gutters – 25th March 2018 – Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?

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Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Action Comics Writer Dan Jurgens Calls Out Fat People on Airplanes
  2. Meltdown Comics of Los Angeles Is Closing For Good on March 30th (UPDATE)
  3. New Images from Avengers: Infinity War
  4. The Best MCU Viewing Order to Get Ready for Avengers: Infinity War
  5. 'Falcon' and Miles Morales' 'Spider-Man' Cancelled in June
  6. Bray Wyatt Has Been Found; WWE Wrestler Was Missing Since Monday Night
  7. HBO SVP of Drama Spills on 'Game of Thrones' Final Season
  8. 8 More DC Absolute/Omnibus Books, from Flashpoint to Before Watchmen
  9. Boom Comics of Lawrence, Kansas, Explodes on Facebook
  10. Arrow Season 6: Stephen Amell, Marc Guggenheim Drop Some Teasers
  11. DC Comics to Publish 'Old Lady Harley'
  12. Washington Man Commit Assaults with a Tire Iron Over Pokémon Go
  13. The Batman Who Laughs Will Survive Dark Nights: Metal
  14. Rumour: Apple to Buy Sony?
  15. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fans Are Crying at #WonderCon, and It's All Boom's Fault
  16. DC Comics Launches New Titans to Replace Teen Titans at #WonderCon
  17. DC's New Age of Heroes Churns Through the Artists Who Were Meant to be First
  18. The Ranger Slayer Makes Her Debut in Go Go Power Rangers #8… (SPOILERS)
  19. DC Comics to Publish Batman & the Justice League Manga in English
  20. Titans and Teen Titans End – What's Next?

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. How Come Five Below Gets Better Deals Than Comic Stores Through Diamond? A Retailer Asks…
  2. Bendis's Creator-Owned Comics to Cost Less from DC Than Marvel
  3. The Avengers Editors Appear to be Keen Bleeding Cool Readers…
  4. So, How Evil is Poison Ivy Today? And a First Mention of Tom King's Sanctuary (Batman #43 Spoilers)
  5. DC Comics Launches DC Boutique for Smaller Comic Cons
  6. Everything You Knew About The Black Widow Was Wrong. Again. (Tales Of Suspense #103 Spoilers)
  7. Wonder Woman Leads Justice League Dark and Darkseid Joins Justice League Odyssey
  8. How a Marvel Marketer Helped Rob Liefeld Persuade Marvel Comics to Publish X-Force
  9. Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill Have Two Comics Out in June – and We Have Two Pages From Them
  10. Blank Comic Goes to Eighth Printing

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