Lying In The Gutters – 29th April 2018 – Infinity War Wounds…

This week no one has been on-line. Everyone avoiding Avengers: Infinity War spoilers. A bit. And running away from Forbes…

Lying In The Gutters – 29th April 2018 – Infinity War Wounds…

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Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Is There a Post-Credits Scene After Avengers: Infinity War? [Spoiler-Free]
  2. After Seeing Avengers: Infinity War – What About Avengers 4? (SPOILERS)
  3. [#CinemaCon] Dark Phoenix Gets a New Logo, Drops 'X-Men' from Title
  4. Almost All Marvel Comics Nominated for Eisners This Year Have Been Cancelled
  5. The Best MCU Viewing Order to Get Ready for Avengers: Infinity War
  6. BioWare Developer Hints that Dragon Age 4 is Actually in the Works
  7. Real Talk- Is Chris Evans Coming Back to the MCU After Avengers 4?
  8. YouTuber ReSet Could Serve Two Years in Prison for Prank Video
  9. Is This the Missing Justice League Comic? (Justice League of America #29 SPOILERS)
  10. The First Reactions for Avengers: Infinity War Are In
  11. Bleeding Cool's First Review of Avengers: Infinity War [Spoiler-Free]
  12. [Spoiler Free] Avengers: Infinity War Review- 10 Years in the Making and Worth It
  13. How Much Are Those Retailer Exclusive Action Comics #1000 Covers Selling For?
  14. Robert Downey Jr. Gave An Emotional Speech At Avengers: Infinity War Premiere
  15. Frank Cho Draws Aunt May's Wheatcakes for Amazing Spider-Man #800
  16. Woody Harrelson to Play Carnage in Sony's Venom Movie
  17. The Flash Season 4: Two Arrow Actors to Guest Before the Finale
  18. Infinity War Collectors: See It at Cinemark and Get a Cup and Popcorn Tin!
  19. Arrow Season 6: A New Clue for the Season Finale
  20. Frank Miller Rethinks Occupy Wall Street, Neal Adams Called Him 'White Trash'

And Fifteen You May Prefer

  1. Are X-Men's Kitty Pryde and Colossus Not Planning a Jewish Wedding?
  2. Scenes From Avengers Infinity War Trailer That Do Not – And Cannot – Appear in the Movie (SPOILERS)
  3. Neal Adams On White Trash, Frank Miller and Reporters
  4. Taking a Look at James Rhodes' Gravestone in Invincible Iron Man #599
  5. God of War Review: Repeats Too Many of the Series' Misogynistic Errors
  6. Dan DiDio Congratulates Tom King on Batman Selling 100K+ for 50 Issues
  7. Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 22nd April 2018 – 'Action Comics Was the Highest/Fastest Selling Book in Our History'
  8. Were [SPOILERS] Last Lines in Infinity War Another Pop Culture Reference?
  9. Will This Character Be the One to Kill Off The Inhumans?
  10. [Spoilers] Why the Movie Thanos is More Chilling Than the Comic Book Thanos
  11. So How Did Rage Get Better Then? Marvel Continuity Gets Venomized…
  12. Comic Store in Your Future: Variant Covers Are Not the Answer
  13. Steve McNiven is Developing a Barry Windsor-Smith Style
  14. What If Your Comic Was Turned Into a TV Show and No One Told You? Adi Granov and Metal Hurlant…
  15. SHIELD by Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver is Even Later

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