Magdalene Visaggio and Claudia Aguire Bring Morning in America to Oni Press in 2019

Two members of the creative team of the Eisner-nominated Kim & Kim, Magdalene Visaggio and Claudia Aguirre, are reuniting for a new comic book, this time at Oni Press. Set in 1983 (a year before the Ronald Reagan political ad made the book's title phrase famous), Morning in America #1 is hitting stores on March 6th, 2019. From the press release:

The year is 1983. A series of disappearances afflicts Tucker, Ohio following the opening of a mysterious new factory. But when the town finds itself under siege from strange monsters, it's up to intrepid girl gang of no-account teen girl delinquents to try and figure out what's happening—and save everyone's lives before it's too late.

Said Visaggio:

Oni has been putting out some of my favorite comics for years, from Scott Pilgrim onward. And I'm absolutely thrilled that Morning in America is launching there. This book is extremely close to my heart, and Claudia is one of the dearest people in the world to me, so I hope our excite comes through in this dark, hopefully-funny story about monsters, friendship, and the end of the world."

And Aguirre:

Drawing this comic has been a pleasure. I absolutely adore working with Mags to create truly heart-wrenching yet fun stories, and our lovely friends at Oni Press have always been amazing. I hope everyone loves Morning in America as much as we love making it.

We could learn more at New York Comic Con.

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