Marc Guggenheim Talks The Infinite Adventures Of Jonas Quantum

Marc Guggenheim is probably most known right now as being the executive producer and showrunner for Arrow, but he's also a comic book writer. Marc has recently teamed with Freddie Williams II on a new project from Legendary called the Infinite Adventures of Jonas Quantum. I got a chance to talk with him about the new series.

JQ01_CVRDAN WICKLINE:  How are you going to write a comic with the schedule you have?

MARC GUGGENHEIM I am actually writing a few,

DW:  That's right, I saw your name on the Marvel list for something as well

MG: I'm writing Agents of SHIELD.  There is only a little bit of overlap between Quantum and SHIELD.  I am writing both books right now but in a few weeks I will be finished with Jonas. I am getting to the point where until we relaunch Jonas I will only be writing one book. The way I do it is to just be disciplined with my time. I haven't had my fill of comic books There is something about the medium of comics that is different from television that makes me want to forgo sleep I love the art form of comics.  To me it's worth a little less sleep to get to write them.  It's a real privilege

DW:  Where did the idea for the series come from?

JQ01_08MG:  it came from this idea that there wasn't any new characters.  All these characters came from other mediums or reboots.  They were high concepts but not unique in respect to their actual character.  I wanted a super hero whose power was his intelligence. What would it be like for him to try to form relationships with other people?  Would it feel like talking to a child?  What is it like for people to try to form relationships with a super intelligent character?

DW:  Now you're hooked up again with Freddie Williams II. How did this come about?

MG: We reconnected at SDCC a couple of years ago and talked about doing something together.  I pitched him the idea of Jonas and thought he would really like it and he did.  It was the making of a really exciting collaboration because he was getting me to take this idea that I thought I had peeled all the layers of the onion on and got me to come up with more ideas for it

DW: You talked about him being intelligent and that's the source of his power but you're also talking about time travel.  What is the overall arc for Jonas?  What is the story you're trying to tell?

JQ01_15MG: That's the thing, I'm not telling one story I am trying to capture the feel of comics I grew up with.  The silver age and bronze age.  Each issue was self contained.  You never knew what you were going to get. I wanted to embrace the virtues of self contained one and done.  Hopefully that's what we've done with this book.

DW: With all of the publishers you are no associated with, how did you end up with Legendary?

MG: I produced a pilot with Peter Johnson he and I had similar tastes.  The pilot didn't go but we resolved to find something else to work on together. We had lunch and I told him about the story.  He really responded to the idea of Jonas. I've always really liked Legendary brand and was intrigued to be doing something with them and to work with Peter again

DW: This is initially a 6 issue arc,  is this something you want to see continue on?

MG: It's called the Infinite Adventures so I would hope to write more. In the short term I hope to be able to work out the opportunity to get to do more issues.  I don't really think about taking my creation into other mediums, if someone were to come to me with hey this would make a good movie then we could talk. This is really a love letter to the comic book medium


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