Margaret Stohl And Sana Amanat On The Mighty Captain Marvel

Marvel has put together a pretty cool looking video focusing on the new Captain Marvel series by Margaret Stohl with art by Emilio Laiso and Ramon Rosanas. They've set the art to a song called Wild City by The Pretty Reckless and the inter-cut in interview bits with writer Stohl and editor Sana Amanat. They briefly cover Carol Danvers history and then talk about her growing from a female character to a female hero and what she gained and lost in Civil War II.

Amanat talks about the new direction for the character that celebrates where she comes from but also gives her an identity where she doesn't have to prove herself anymore.

And my favorite line in the whole thing comes from Stohl early on: "For whatever you want to say about the comic industry, they have an exceptional track record… lately, with women characters."

The "lately" is the key part of that sentence. For a long time the comic industry had a horrible track record with women characters and Captain Marvel was just as bad as the others. Being created as a female version of the original Captain Marvel, the bizarre Avengers 200 which had her go through a full pregnancy in 3 days then run off with the full grown child as a potential lover (seriously, check out the issue), to having her powers and part of her personality copied by Rogue in Avengers Annual #10. And lets not even go into the whole Binary phase. It seems like it wasn't until Marvel decided to try and make her their version of Wonder Woman that the character really started getting any respect.

But they're not the only comic to gloss over the parts of the past that don't exactly sit well today. Marvel is definitely doing a good job on their women characters… lately.

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