Mark Millar To Leave Scotland For Surrey? Seems So…

Mark Millar likes his pet newspaper interviewers. Indeed, his career is based upon placing PR-friendly interviews with publications, and then using them to make a fuss, get more work or promote his launches. He just hasn't been able to game The Guardian newspaper that way before – until now. Because one of his friendly interviewers Hanna Flint is writing for them, ahead of the release of Jupiter's Legacy on Netflix. Previously he has been interviewed by Flint for Yahoo Movies (twice), Screen Rant (twice) and PR friendly pieces for Dazed and Syfy, and like those pieces, this article doesn't exactly challenge Millar on anything. And why should it, it's there to talk about his upcoming Netflix TV show, and everything else is by the by.

The Daily LITG, Christmas Eve 2019, Happy Birthday Mark Millar
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She lets him get away with saying "I started off doing stuff for seven-year-olds: Superman Adventures at DC. People were saying, 'He's the guy who does the junior stuff.' So then I did something a bit more shocking to lose that reputation." when we all know he was writing Saviour, 2000AD and other stuff with Grant Morrison long before then and, if anything, Superman Adventures was the surprising shift.

She also describes him as a longstanding Labour Party supporter – just avoiding his stint as an SNP supporter, appearing in SNP election broadcasts, and being thanked by Alex Salmond in his victory speech.

And no wonder, because it appears that Mark Millar is to move from Coatbridge in Scotland to Surrey in the South East of England. For non-Brits that's basically moving from Winterfell to King's Landing. Flint writes;

"While the 51-year-old still lives in Glasgow, with his wife Lucy and his two youngest daughters, a move south to Surrey is now in the pipeline. "Last year, we did plan to move to California but coronavirus happened. We had a house and everything." Being cut off from everyone during the pandemic made him change his mind. "It lost its appeal and I want to stay in the UK.""

I live in Kingston Vale just on the Surrey side of the London border. I am also aware that his co-creator of The Ultimates, Bryan Hitch, also lives in Surrey and at one point they shared the same Kingston-Upon-Thames-based accountant. Might Mark be moving closer to Bryan deliberately?

Might I recommend somewhere like Norbiton, where Reginald Perrin was filmed and is home to Spider-Man's Tom Holland? And Piranha Comics is likely to be your local comic shop, in the centre of Kingston? Certainly worth popping in.

He also says he's learned the lesson, "Stay where you came from – because all those little things that came together and made you who you are – they're unique to you. If you move, as we were planning, then you're just going to be hanging out with other guys who do the same thing you do. It brings something to the job if you can reflect the real world as opposed to reflecting on it."

I'm really not sure Surrey is where Mark Millar came from. Still, all sorts come here, and we welcome him to the fold. Unless of course, it's another grab at attention. As Millar once said, "What's beautiful about this is that you get not only the first story out there but usually within a twenty-four-hour news cycle you will get the gag exposed and thus get two news-spikes in the same day, the cost minimal to nothing." And if so, well, he's played Bleeding Cool again.

I do also recall there was a time when Mark Millar was considering moving himself and a bunch of other comic book creators to Ireland, to all live together in some kind of low-tax deal. I don't think you'll be getting that in Surrey, sadly.

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