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BHP Comics
Set up in 2011 as an underground comics collective Black Hearted Press, had grown by 2015 into a limited company rebranded as BHP Comics, becoming one of Scotland's premier indie publishing companies It was shortlisted for publisher of the year multiple times and was a consistent presence on the List Hot 100. In mid-2019, BHP successfully[...]
Men in Kilts Season 2 Key Art & Trailer: Exploring New Zealand
The iconic "Outlander" duo, Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish, will hit the road again on Friday, August 11, but this time the road trippers are venturing out of Scotland to explore the beautiful lands of New Zealand "Same Kilts, New Zealand." And though New Zealand seems far from Scotland, about 20% of the population have Scottish[...]
We're saving the bit where Scotland declares independence in order to make David Tennant the President until a bit later," Gaiman wrote in his retweet And there you have it First Wales, then Scotland We know Gaiman gets England But the bigger question is… who's next and where? And considering who we had run the[...]
The Daily LITG, Christmas Eve 2019, Happy Birthday Mark Millar
People were saying, 'He's the guy who does the junior stuff.' So then I did something a bit more shocking to lose that reputation." when we all know he was writing Saviour, 2000AD and other stuff with Grant Morrison long before then and, if anything, Superman Adventures was the surprising shift. She also describes him as[...]
How Scottish Comic Con Are Returning - Or Not - For 2021
But there is more to the United Kingdom than England. Scotland has different restrictions and reopening schedules than England Scotland is planning to ease restrictions every three weeks until April 26th when the former "levels" system will return England has the previously mentioned four-stage road map to remove all lockdown measure, potentially as early as the[...]
Scotland Comic Shops In Full Lockdown - No Curbside/Click And Collect
Scotland has banned click-and-collect serviced for anything other than essential services, but might there be a loophole for comic book shops First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has said only retailers selling essentials, such as clothing, baby equipment and books, will be able to offer collection services across the country Which comic shops want to[...]
Three Neil Gaiman Projects To Film In Scotland, Two From His Books
The Big Scottish Book Club on BBC Scotland recently began broadcasting its second series, filmed with social distancing Its second episode saw writer Damian Barr filming at Lanark Memorial Hall with guests Neil Gaiman, Kirsty Logan and Dr Gavin Francis, and poetry from Harry Josephine Giles.  The theme of this week's show is other worlds,[...]
Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish host Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham (Image: STARZ).
Created by Heughan and McTavish, Senior Vice President of Original Programming Karen Bailey and Senior Vice President of Unscripted Programming Alice Dickens-Koblin will oversee the project for STARZ. The journey of "Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham" takes viewers from the heart of Scotland at Glencoe, the site of a great massacre and[...]
Reed Cancels MCM Comic Cons, Birmingham, London, Manchester and Glasgow
They state "despite all efforts to bring fans the most epic pop culture events in the UK, 4 MCM events scheduled to take place in 2020 have been cancelled following the escalation of COVID-19 in the UK, Europe and globally." These are: MCM Comic Con Birmingham, scheduled to take place at the NEC, Birmingham, from 27 to[...]
Mike McLean, comic book retailer of Asylum Books and Games, of Aberdeen, Scotland, writes about the impact of the current global pandemic he tells Bleeding Cool, So, it's a March Thursday evening in Aberdeen, which for those of you not local to my home, is late night shopping Many of the local businesses opt to stay[...]
Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins brawl in wild contract signing: Raw, April 27, 2020
BST on WWE's YouTube channel, they'll assemble for the first-ever WWE Virtual Roundtable. NXT UK's Andy Shepherd sits down with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Nikki Cross, NXT UK Women's Champion Kay Lee Ray and NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mark Coffey & Wolfgang of Gallus to discuss what it means to[...]
Lord Of The Rings tv
It sounds like one of the locations for Amazon Studios' upcoming Lord of the Rings tv series might just be in Scotland, at least according to a report from The Daily Record. The site says that a 3-month production run will begin in Leith, Edinburgh in the country's brand-new state of the art studio facility that is set[...]
'Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland' Special to Air Tomorrow
The 76-year-old actor, comedian, author, and performer has a new special coming this week to BBC Two Scotland, "Billy Connolly Made in Scotland". Sir Billy ConnollyPhoto by Featureflash Photo Agency / Be advised, there is a TON of swearing, in both this teaser snippet and in the special itself, so, be prepared for that: "That's poetry whether[...]
netflix Outlaw King
Chances are, most Americans will know that historical name from 1995's Braveheart and perhaps are unfamiliar with the story of the nobleman after the William Wallace time. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Outlaw King | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix ( Netflix says Outlaw King is the untold "true story" of Robert the Bruce, who[...]
Scottish Superhero's Controversy As Referendum Nears
Billed as an "epic", the sequel is causing much debate in this highly charged year for Scotland. Saltire creator, John Ferguson, says "Like the first book it is set in a pseudo history of the country but this time it's more immersive, more involved Annihilation is set a few hundred years after Invasion and it's darker,[...]
The First Image From This Year's Biggest Selling Graphic Novel
Asterix And The Picts by Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad, will be set in Scotland and overseen by Albert Uderzo, who designed the Pict in question's kilt in the manner of a racing flag… out in October The first print in French alone will be seven figures…   [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Mark Millar – Comic Creator, Film Maker, Lord?
They've worked together for a decade, and now have a newborn child, Mark is creating a very sold future for them all. Because thanks to the success of Wanted and Kick Ass, and the media hype he's created along the way, Mark Millar has become a major cultural figure in Scotland Consider his role in the[...]
Scottish Government Looks To Keeps Comics Away From Maxim
Scotland is the home of many of Britain's most prestigious comics, specifically The Beano and The Dandy, both running for almost eighty years. But a more recent publication is causing problems for some newsagents. And now shopkeepers could be fined if they don't keep comics away from the likes of Maxim, GQ, Loaded, FHM, Nuts and Zoo,[...]
BBC Scotland Superhero Comic Documentary Papers Over The Cracks
This BBC Scotland film celebrates in a rather overblown overhyped fashion, the influence of Scottish creators on modern superhero comics Everything is positive, obsequious an unquestioning And Mark Millar, Grant Morrison and Alan Grant are never seen in the same room Otherwise, we may have had a very different documentary. Grant Morrison has a real problem[...]