Marvel To Bring Back The Third Debut Character From New Mutants #98 For Marvel Legacy

There's always a runt of a litter than gets ignored, isn't there? Warrior Magazine had Marvelman and V For Vendetta from Alan Moore – but The BoJeffries Saga often gets unfairly missed out. Hybrid and Toxin always played second fiddle to Venom and Carnage. And who remembers Lois Lane's boyfriend Jonathan Carroll. Not even she does anymore.

And then there's New Mutants #98 from 1991. A $3000-selling comic book for its first appearance of Deadpool by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, also with the first appearance of Domino, set to star in the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie.

Oh and then there's Gideon.

Yeah, Gideon.

He's bigger on the cover than anyone.

But what exactly can you remember of the "mysterious Gideon"?

Born in the 15th century he travelled to the Americas with Christopher Columbus, revealed as a mutant External with long life so he survived disease, eventually building a corporate giant Ophrah Industries, dealing with AIM, GeneTech and other emerging mutants, positioning himself as Sunspot's mentor after killing his father, then conducting torture experiments on Cannonball. He was killed off after five years in 1996's X-Force #52 by the vampire mutant Selene.

And no one has bothered to bring him back. Until now.


Because in the Marvel Legacy not-a-relaunch of Cable, more Externals are dying, Cable's team is trying to stop it, and yes, in December Gideon is returning, Somehow…

Hey, just as Cable #150 parodying New Mutants #87, could December's Cable #152 parody New Mutants #98?

No idea, but it's a nice thought…


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