Marvel Having Difficulty Deciding On Best Fantastic Number As Axel Alonso Teases Fantastic Two

Marvel Having Difficulty Deciding On Best Fantastic Number As Axel Alonso Teases Fantastic Two

Most comic book readers agree that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby got it right the first time when they decided that "four" would be exactly the right number of fantastic for Marvel to launch Fantastic Four back in 1961. However, in recent days, Marvel seems to be second-guessing Stan and Jack, looking for a different number for a possible Fantastic Four comic relaunch.

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool told you that Marvel was teasing something called "Fantastic Three" to retailers, though it was revealed just a day later that it wouldn't technically be a Fantastic Three comic, with Bleeding Cool Hedger-in-Chief Rich Johnston writing:

And now? Now I get told that Marvel is indeed publishing a Fantastic Three comic book. But that it's a storyline starting in Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #24 out in October. And so may not star any of the Fantastic Four at all. And it was the equivalent of Marvel clickbaiting a certain section of retailers.

But just as the rumors were settling down, along comes Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso to shake things up again, posting the following tweet:

Does this mean a Fantastic comic is back on, but this time, instead of Fantastic Four or Fantastic Three, we'll be getting Fantastic Two? A way of taunting Bleeding Cool for the Fantastic Three story earlier in the week? Some sort of doomsday countdown before Marvel unleashes a super-mega-crossover event so powerful the comic book industry will never be the same (because it will finally go mercifully bankrupt)?

The only way to find out is to publish this story and claim to have been essentially right no mater what ends up being the truth. See you on the other side. Pip pip.

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