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Fremantle Invests in Axel Alonso's AWA Comics Publisher
Bill Jemas may have been ejected but Axel Alonso is still steering the Artists, Writers & Artisans, Inc ship known as AWA, the existence of which was broken by Bleeding Cool in 2018, (though I still think it should be abbreviated as AWAAI), and now has some more fuel in the engine Fremantle has tweeted[...]
Logo for AWA (Artists, Writers, & Artisans)
The article also emphasizes the reunion of Hudlin with AEW co-founder Axel Alonso, or, as Variety calls him, "Alex" Alonso The duo worked together at Marvel when Alonso was editor-in-chief of the company and Hudlin was writing Black Panther and other comics. "Axel and I have a long history of incredible work together and I am[...]
Absolution: Milligan & Deodato’s New AWA Hitwoman Series Out in July
are two of the best in the field, and they play to each other's strengths," said Axel Alonso, comic book creator and Chief Creative Officer of AWA Studios "Peter writes great action set pieces that give artists a chance to showcase their style Mike draws inner emotion, a hallmark of Peter's work, into the faces[...]
Devil’s Highway Vol. 2: AWA’s Acclaimed Crime Thriller Returns in May
AWA had to give what the people wanted…more DEVIL'S HIGHWAY," said Axel Alonso, AWA Studios Chief Creative Officer He added, "Ben and Brent were among the first creators we wanted to work with at AWA and we're thrilled they have more stories to tell…  DEVIL'S HIGHWAY is a riveting, richly layered story featuring a compelling antihero and a[...]
AWA Creators And Execs Support Mike Deodato On Comic Art NFT Rights
His point was, however, that comic book artists for Marvel and DC were allowed to sell their original physical artwork pages, but companies like Marvel and DC were not allowing their artists to do the same with digital NFTs, reserving the right to do that themselves. Mike Deodato cover to AWA's Resistance Uprising Today, Mike Deodato's current[...]
AWA Studios Release Video Featuring Creators and New Series
AWA Studios, the new publisher punching above its weight with solid and unique titles under the editorship of Axel Alonso, released a new video at this year's virtual ComicsPro The video featured all the current writers thanking retailers for their support and offered previews of their new and upcoming books. can't be loaded because JavaScript[...]
Marjorie Finnegan: AWA Teases Garth Ennis’ Time Travel Caper Comedy
But just in case, let's throw in a time cop with a malfunctioning sex toy as well…" Page from "Marjorie Finnegan #1" AWA Studios, Upshot Studios Upshot's Axel Alonso said, "Every few years, Garth [Ennis] creates a game-changing story that locates the pulse of popular culture and slices it open: "Preacher, his reinvention of The Punisher, "The[...]
Peter Milligan and Aco's America Ronin in AWA October 2020 Solicits
As EIC Axel Alonso continues to thumb through his DM list… here's a look at the AWA October 2020 solicitation list. AMERICAN RONIN #1 (OF 5) CVR A ACO (MR) ARTISTS WRITERS & ARTISANS INC Peter Milligan and Aco's American Ronin in AWA October 2020 Solicits AUG201214 (W) Peter Milligan (A/CA) Aco War is over, democracy an illusion, real power now[...]
The Resistance Reborn: AWA’s Upshot Studios Announces Spinoff Series
Smith (Archangel 8). Panel from The Resistance: Reborns, AWA Studios/UPSHOT "The great thing about having the privilege of writing The Resistance," Straczynski said,"Is that I get to go way deep into the characters, the history of all this, the politics, how the powers work…and for a world-builder, there's not much better than that.  (Except chocolate.)  So, when[...]
AWA Announces “Devil’s Highway” by Benjamin Percy and Brent Schoonover
As their official bio reads: "Artists Writers & Artisans (AWA) is a comic book and digital media publisher, owned and operated by creators, founded by Marvel alumni Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso, along with Jon Miller, the former CEO of News Corp, Digital Media Group Fully funded by James Murdoch's Lupa Systems, Sister Group, and Lightspeed[...]
AWA Studios Releases Launch Video Ahead of March Launch of Their Comics
It's very reminiscent of the type of content that editor Axel Alonso oversaw during his time at Vertigo Comics at DC. Today, the publisher released a kind of launch video to preview the launch. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: AWA Studios – Upshot Launches March 18th! (   The video features creators J[...]
Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition
Wise creators are already making sure they are on these editors' radar. Jenn Haines (New Entry) Owner of The Dragon, a three-store chain of comic stores, Vice President of the ComicsPRO retailer advocacy group, her social power is massive, she knows so many connected people personally and is key in weaving a web of contacts to[...]
AWA Studios Launches Retailer Incentives Ahead of 2020 Launch
Artists, Writers and Artisans, the new publishing company headed by Axel Alonso and Bill Jemas, is preparing for its official launch in 2020 The company wlll start with four inaugural titles in March 2020. In preparation for the launch, the company is launching The AWA Retailer Council, an initiative to give comics retailers incentives to order[...]
NYCC: AWA Studios’ “Upshot Now #0” Comic Now Available at Midtown Comics
You get a good idea of the range of stories AWA wants to publish, with a lot more to come. AWA Studios is  Axel Alonso and Bill Jemas' new publisher with grands ambitions Upshot Now #0 was a declaration of the publisher's arrival on the comics scene They have a mission to publish genre stories with[...]
Youngblood Owner Andrew Rev Looking to Invest in Failing Comic Book Stores?
Especially a new publisher and company. — Darren Hupke (@darrenhupke) September 2, 2019 Maybe we'll find out more at New York Comic Con? After all Artists, Writers & Artisans Inc from Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso will be debuting there too. Say, has anyone ever seen Andrew Rev and Bill Jemas in the same room together? When it[...]
New York Comic-Con Goes Until 10pm, Thursday to Saturday, Will Sell Fewer Tickets
This will include Penguin Random House launching a Penguin Random House Book Club promotion at the show, giiong away advance copies of book club titles before the show. The show will also be the convention debut of Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso's Artists, Writers & Artisans Inc, the publisher you first read about (repeatedly) on Bleeding[...]
Is He a Glutton For Punishment? Gabe Yocum Rejoins Bill Jemas at AWA Comics
Maybe Gabe Yocum isn't a glutton for punishment after all? Less than one month after leaving his cushy job at ReedPOP to rejoin former boss Bill Jemas at Jemas and Axel Alonso's Artists, Writers, and Artisans, Inc., Yocum has reversed course and announced he is leaving AWA and returning to ReedPOP Yocum posted on Facebook: Hey[...]
Is He a Glutton For Punishment? Gabe Yocum Rejoins Bill Jemas at AWA Comics
Our goal is to equip retailers with quality content from incredibly talented, well known creators, the best terms in the industry, bar none, and perhaps most importantly, direct participation in AWA's publishing plans." Yocum will also head up AWA's fan convention appearances.  "If I've learned anything in my incredible 2 years at ReedPop, it's that conventions are where[...]
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Fight Girls is the new creator-owned series from Frank Cho, being published by AWA Comics, the new New York-based publisher founded by Bill Jemas as publisher and Axel Alonso as Editor-In-Chief. Ten hard-as-nails women face off in an ancient contest of champions where the winner truly takes all: the title of "Queen of the Galaxy." To[...]
Jason Starr and Will Conrad Launch "Red Border" From AWA Comics
One final upcoming launch from Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso's new New York-based comics publisher, AWA Comics Red Border by Jason Starr and Will Conrad. Jason Starr is a crime novelist, who has also written comics such as Punisher MAX and Wolverine MAX for Marvel when Alonso was EIC there, as well as writing Doc Savage[...]
John Lees and Dalibor Talajić Launch "Hotell" From AWA Comics
  We have another upcoming launch from Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso's new New York-based comics publisher, AWA Comics Hotell by John Lees and Dalibor Talajić Lees is not the biggest of names, he broke out with indie hit And Then Emily Was Gone, with lots of work for ComixTribe including Oxymoron, Scam and Sink, as well[...]
Ales Kot and Robert Sammelin's Savior, Coming From AWA Comics
Many of the ideas turned up in Chosen instead. Anyway, Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso are dropping the 'u' and publishing a different comic with similar themes, also written by a bit of an unusual lefty, Ales Kot, and drawn by Robert Sammelin, who previously drew an issue of Kot's Zero for Image Comics. Anyway, here's a[...]
Bill Jemas Registers Trademarks for Upstart, Upshot and Sandbox
based in New York with Axel Alonso as their editor-in-chief. Bleeding Cool previously reported on the publisher registering trademarks for the following: Color Angels Animatronically Correct Full House Eyepop Well, they had to abandon trademarks for Color and Angels, due to conflicts with Kolor from GoPro and Angels Online from IGG Singapore. Well, it looks like they are adding more to that number[...]
Rupert Murdoch's Large Adult Son is Investing in Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso's AWA Comics
Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso are both former leaders of Marvel Comics, Jemas the former Publisher and Alonso the former Editor-in-Chief So it's no surprise that the duo would take a few cues from Marvel in launching their latest venture: Artists, Writers, & Artisans Like Marvel, whose chief shareholder prior to the Disney sale and[...]