Marvel Gets Aggressive With Retailers Over Order Numbers

she hulk

Well, that's a thing. In an attempt to encourage retailers to up their orders on Marvel NOW! comics, Marvel have sent out the image above, with the headline "You Didn't Order Enough" along with the news that the Marvel NOW issues of She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Magneto, Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel, Fantastic Four, New Warriors, All-New X-Factor, All-New X-Men and Guardians Of The Galaxy are going back to second print, with MArvel pointing out that fifty other books in 2014 have gone to second print.

It's certainly an aggressive note to take. It has been noted that in comparison to other relaunches, All-New Marvel Now has not been performing relatively strongly, with the non-rebooted Batman from DC Comics still towering over all if them.

So will it clue retailers up… or turn them off?New_Warriors_2_Second_PrintingAll-New_X-Men_23_Second_Printing Ms_Marvel_2_Second_Printing Fantastic_Four_2_Second_Printing New_Warriors_1_Second_Print Magneto_1_Second_Printing Moon_Knight_1_Second_Printing She-Hulk_2_Second_Printing

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