Marvel Legacy – Iron Fist #73 Review: Fists, Claws, And Tentacles

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Cover to Iron Fist #73 by Jeff Dekal
Iron Fist #73

Liu-Shi continues their relentless hunt of Daniel Rand, wielder of the Iron Fist of K'un Lun. Meanwhile, the Iron Fist himself plans his return to the immortal city of his power's origin. Unfortunately, a bump in the road towards that goal arises, and he must turn to an unexpected source for help…

Much like Marvel Legacy's Venom, this issue represents a change of pace for the title. Where the other issues of this series have been faster-paced and action-oriented, this issue of Iron Fist is a bit slower for the most part, allowing for more insight into where Danny Rand's mind is at during this point in time.

We also get some morbid humor with Shao Lao the Undying and his…lunch.

The highly-advertised and much-anticipated return of Victor Creed, AKA the Sabretooth, is as awesome as one might expect. This classic Iron Fist and, of course, Wolverine rogue brings his regular ill temper and alcohol addiction, both of which are very enjoyable. And the brawl between he and Iron Fist is frigging great.

As such, while the comic does provide more observation into Danny Rand's headspace, there is still plenty of high-octane action in the back half. Ed Brisson balanced this comic perfectly.

Mike Perkins remains a bleeding master of the craft, and this comic profits from it in spades. He is a damn fine artist, and I hope he stays on Iron Fist for many issues to come. Color artist Andy Troy complements Perkins with a darker yet balanced color palette, and the two make an absolutely gorgeous comic book.

Iron Fist shows no signs of slowing down in Marvel Legacy. In fact, it looks to still be getting better. This title is quickly rising to the top of Marvel's offerings in terms of quality, and I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good Kung Fu comic.

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