Matthew Rosenberg Says Yes to Donny Cates…

Yesterday, months worth of stalking global entertainment superstar Donny Cates' every move and chronicling them in our All Donny, All the Time gossip column, Donny Cates Equals Clicks, finally paid off. After reporting on a romantic gesture wherein the Absolute Carnage writer bought flowers for fiancee Megan Hutchison and then made her dinner "just because," Cates rewarded us with an EXCLUSIVE story: that he and Hutchinson will get married at Lucca on Halloween in what some are already calling The Wedding of the Century.

Cates and Hutchinson became engaged at Megacon back in May, so it's only fitting that they'll get married at another comic convention in October. And what better way to celebrate their love than to do it at one of the largest gatherings of Catesbronies — the colloquial term for hardcore fans of Donny Cates — in the world. Lucca Comics and Games in Italy is the largest comic convention in Europe and the second largest on Earth.

Bleeding Cool is working hard to obtain the streaming rights to the wedding so that we can broadcast it live on our website, but in the meantime, we have some more big news to report. Cates has found his best man: fellow Marvel Comics writer Matthew Rosenberg!

Cates popped the question to Rosenberg on Twitter in the wake of yesterday's big news after Rosenberg returned from quitting Twitter to ask for an invite.

And Rosenberg accepted.

Of course you can rely on Matt Rosenberg, Donny. Don't be fooled by the Marvel contract he's got, he's still, he's still, Matty from the Block!

Meanwhile, DC Comics publisher Jim Lee, perhaps seeing an opportunity to court two of his competitors' most prized writers, tweeted his congratulations.

And cartoonist and Letterer Supreme Chris Eliopoulos bragged about his deep knowledge of Cates and Hutchinson's relationship (call us, Chris — we might have a side gig writing clickbait articles for you).

While Bleeding Cool's own Rich Johnston tried to steal some of our thunder in reporting on the romantic lives of comic book professionals.

Sorry, Rich, but we got here first. Pip pip! By the way, pay up, Chris.

And so, as the comics world prepares for the biggest wedding since Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Bleeding Cool continues to remain at the forefront of reporting on the latest happenings in Donny Cates' personal life. Be sure to bookmark Donny Cates Equals Clicks to be sure you receive the latest updates before anyone else.

And Donny, Megan… we're serious about those streaming rights.

Now if you'll excuse us, we need to shop for a wedding gift. After all these clicks, the least we can do is send you a nice blender.

Matthew Rosenberg Says Yes to Donny Cates...

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