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Donny CAtes Comfirms Wereworld With Dylan Burnett For October
The second series, Flood, is drawn by Donny's wife Megan Hutchison, coloured by Dee Cunniffe and also lettered by John J Hill. Well, it was enough for Donny to confirm Wereworld for October (2021 presumably) from Image Comics, with the following artwork. Art from Wereworld by Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett. Followed by the art we had previously run. From[...]
Donny Cates is the bad boy of comics.
For many couples, so long after tying the knot, the fires of romance could fade like a distant memory, but that's not the case for comics' it couple Donny Cates and Megan Hutchison Despite getting married nearly a full week ago, Cates's passion remains as strong as ever, with the global entertainment superstar, fashion icon,[...]
Matthew Rosenberg Says Yes to Donny Cates...
After reporting on a romantic gesture wherein the Absolute Carnage writer bought flowers for fiancee Megan Hutchison and then made her dinner "just because," Cates rewarded us with an EXCLUSIVE story: that he and Hutchinson will get married at Lucca on Halloween in what some are already calling The Wedding of the Century. Cates and Hutchinson[...]
EXCLUSIVE: Donny Cates and Megan Hutchison to Marry at LUCCA in Wedding of the Century
That's right, celebrity comics "it" couple Donny Cates and Megan Hutchison have set a date, Cates himself revealed EXCLUSIVELY to Bleeding Cool on Twitter. Cates was following up on Bleeding Cool's report on a dinner he recently cooked for his fiancée just because when he made the announcement. .@judeterror our wedding is set for Halloween[...]
Donny Cates Needs Your Help For Extremely Important Decision
According to a recent report, Cates send flowers to wife-to-be Megan Hutchison before reportedly making her dinner "just because." That report came from Hutchison herself, who posted evidence of the flowers on Twitter. Q: who's the most handsome, talented, sexy, wonderful person who ever existed? A: @Doncates who sent me these beautiful flowers and then made me[...]
Donny Cates and Megan Hutchinson Are Engaged
He is also a former Bleeding Cool convention reporter, a fact of which we will eternally remind him, because it's funny. Megan Hutchison is an artist and co-creator of Rockstars, Will O'The Wisp and Vesna She also had the sense not to be a Bleeding Cool reporter of any description which has kept her in good[...]