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Michele Wells, Chris Claremont Has a Batman YA Graphic Novel Pitch

Chris Claremont is the famed writer of the Uncanny X-Men books that everyone loves the most, from Dark Phoenix to New Mutants to Wolverine to Days Of Future Past. Co-creator of Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, Rogue, Emma Frost, Mystique, Destiny, Forge, Gambit, Captain Britain, Psylocke and so, so many more.

Chris Claremont by Luigi Novi.
Chris Claremont by Luigi Novi.

Michele Wells is the Vice President and Executive Editor, DC Children's/Young Adult, and as of this weekend's DC bloodbath, has been elevated to a position alongside Marie Javins, Executive Editor of Global Publishing Initiatives & Digital Strategy at DC Comics.

Chris Claremont just posted to Facebook;

Here's a zany thought: imagine the Wayne murder — not a casual accident but the first stage of a corporate takeover. Young Bruce isn't found by cops but by a pair of street kids, Selina Kyle & Harline Quinze (street-name, you guessed it, Harley Quinn). He grows up with them, on the shadow side of the law. Best thieves, con-artests ever, the crazy-mad guardians of Gotham's lost, heisting the rich to help the poor. Bruce is brilliant improvisor, born tactician, a truly dark knight, Selina the strategic brain, Harley crazy-inspired inspiration. Arch-enemy, the Joker at the core of Gotham's elite. Kids in revolutionary conflict with thr Establishment. Imagine young Bruce as the only person able to continually outwit the flying alien from across the bay in Metropolis. Drives Supes completely bonkers but also earns his respect. Imagine the love-triangle between Harley, Selena & Bruce—total teen angst! Make it outrageous, make it *fun*!!!!! For characters *&* readers. Ahhh, the DC that never was, likely will never be again. Total fun while it lasted …

Now then, doesn't that sound like something perfect for the DC YA original Graphic Novel line that Michele is VP and Executive Editor at DC over? Wouldn't DC Comics like to publish such a book written by Chris Claremont? His Xbooks co-writer Louise Simonson is already writing a couple, it seems a natural fit. DC PR would just write itself. Now Chris Claremont is still on an exclusive contract with Marvel that doesn't so much cover what he writers, but pays him for not writing for DC. Times change of course.

Oh and while you are at it in the same thread, artist Art Adams had one to share as well…

I've had the idea of an ElseWorlds where Martha and Thomas Wayne were mobsters, murdered by corrupt cops in a staged raid set up by a rival mob. Bruce is waging war on both the GCPD and the other crime families, with Jim Gordon as his ally and one of the few honest cops in Gotham. Maybe even put him in a Michael Corleone role, trying to take the Wayne family "completely legitimate".

The Batfather? Either way, we have a couple of ideas sitting there from well known and best-selling comic book creators…

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