Milligan & McCarthy – The Lennon And McCartney Of Comics


I was pleased to hear Peter Milligan would be writing Shadowman #13X, free with Bleeding Cool Magazine in November. And while Diego Bernard is a fine artist, there was a part of me that wished for Brendan McCarthy, and a reteaming of the pair…

But these things are rare and probably unachievable now.

Back in the eighties, Milligan and McCarthy created between them some of the most influential comic books. Strange Days, with celebrity superhero Paradax predating Zenith, Brats Bizarre, Youngblood and The Authority. Skin, a raw scream of a comic book about a skinhead thalidomide victim who is anything but a victim, to the extent that the printers refused to print it. Rogan Gosh was an Indian-influenced psychedelic strip for Revolver, later picked up by Vertigo. You see influences on their later works, Milligan's X-Force and X-Statix is steeped in Paradax, the seedy psychedelia McCarthy uses in Skin and Rogan Gosh, turning up in Doctor Strange.

And they were all published, with many more comics, in a big book by Dark Horse on Wednesday. Some people haven't realised.

Consider this your Milligan & McCarthy Alert. Awooga, awooga…

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