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Some Thoughts On American Ronin #2
But none of their series intrigued me as much as American Ronin, the combination of veteran writer Peter Milligan and new-ish to the Western mainstream artist ACO American Ronin #2 felt like Peter Milligan setting up a world that was basically the tabletop roleplaying game Shadowrun, minus the elves. American Ronin #2 cover, courtesy of AWA[...]
Happy Hour #2 Peter Milligan and Michael Montenat
Peter Milligan and Michael Montenat's new series Happy Hour is just out in from Ahoy Comics, and sees a new take on the Judge Dredd world, with a future where it is mandated that everyone be happy, and the Joy Police are there to brutally enforce the code…  The first issue came out at the[...]
American Ronin #1: If Shadowrun Was A Comic, It'd Be American Ronin
Sturdy, but not remarkable. American Ronin #1 cover American Ronin #1, Peter Milligan and ACO's debut for publisher Artists, Writers & Artisans is an assassin/spy story I'm not sure if Milligan and ACO worked together before or not, but for AWA, they're a well-oiled machine The first issue of American Ronin isn't meaningfully different from a high[...]
Happy Hour Launches in Ahoy Comics November 2020 Solicitations
Peter Milligan and Michael Montenat's new series Happy Hour is coming out in November from Ahoy Comics, and sees his new take on the Judge Dredd world, with a future where it is mandated that everyone be happy, and the Joy Police to brutally enforce the code… here's the solicitation along with everything else Ahoy[...]
Peter Milligan and Aco's America Ronin in AWA October 2020 Solicits
Artists, Writers & Artisans Inc (also known as AWA (although I think AWAAI would be funnier)) is launching new title American Ronin by Peter Milligan, Aco and Dean White, in October, alongside a brace of comic book titles As EIC Axel Alonso continues to thumb through his DM list… here's a look at the AWA[...]
Michael Allred's Original Princess Diana Art, Banned By Marvel Comics
Once upon a time, Peter Milligan and Mike Allred were introducing a new mutant character to their post-modern Marvel comic book X-Statix, intended to be the back-from-the-dead Princess Diana Then a) my All The Rage column posted the news b) the Daily Mail and Daily Express got hold of the story and c) made up[...]
Jim Lee, Dan DiDio, What in the World Happened to Peter Milligan's Zombistas!?
Back in the late noughties, Peter Milligan wrote a comic book for WildStorm called Zombistas!, described as a zombie-story set in Mexico and California about an American company who are trying to create the perfect non-unionized labour force, talking about it saying "there's some politics in there, using the walking dead guys as a way[...]
Peter Milligan Jesus Hervas Tomorrow Dark Horse
Ahead of New York Comic Con's Saturday, Dark Horse has announced a new title in the Berger Books like from Peter Milligan, Jesús Hervas, and James Devlin set to hit stores in February Called Tomorrow, this five-issue miniseries stars a twin brother and sister caught in an apocalyptic world when a Russian computer virus manages[...]
Peter Milligan to Announce New Dark Horse Comic at New York Comic Con
Dark Horse Comics has issued press attending New York Comic Con with an opportunity amongst many others, to interview Peter Milligan regarding a project with the publisher They just aren't saying what the project is, as they are yet to announce it Which they'll have to do for New York Comic Con or before. Milligan, started[...]
Prisoner #2 cover by Colin Lorimer
Breen is now a prisoner of the Village, and they are eager to learn all he knows of Pandora. He tries to resist, but the Village resorts to bizarre and powerful means to extract the information. Is it a good read?
The Prisoner #1 cover by Mike and Laura Allred
The Prisoner is reborn as Breen goes of the reservation from MI-5 as he is ordered to betray his missing partner. This puts him on a collision course with the information-mining cabal known as the Village. Is it a good read?