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Jamie Hewlett Creates New 20th Anniversary Gorillaz Art Book From Z2
Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of Gorillaz will be joining over forty other artists for the new Gorillaz Art Book from Z2 Comics next spring for the 20th anniversary (stop it, really??) of Gorillaz with new interpretations of 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs in one volume, case bound at 12.6 x 9.2 inches and 288[...]
Wanderers, Spies, Magicians, And Jungle Folk – Preview Dark Horse Presents #9
I can't even believe the detail work on those spears! Contributors to DHP #9 include: Fred Van Lente, Alex de Campi, Victor Santos, Mike Grell, Brendan McCarthy, Mark Evanier, Guiu Vilanova, Jerry Ordway, and Sergio Aragonés. Dark Horse describe DHP #9 thus: Sergio Aragonés's Groo gets involved in politics, and that's not good for man, woman, or child[...]
With New Editions Impending, Was The Hardcover Zenith Worth The Wait?
Divided into four large chapters, known as "Phase I" through "Phase IV," Zenith was still talked about fondly and with respect among fans who read it way back when, as it hit the stands. The only other glimpse of hope previously offered to those looking to read this legendary series was hundreds of copies of Zenith[...]
This Is What It Looks Like When Brendan McCarthy Draws The New 52
Now it has nothing whatsoever to do with Forever Evil, but it does have a different artist on every page, and single handedly employs more female comics creators than every other DC comic book put together. It also has Brendan McCarthy's first internal comics work for DC Comics since Solo in 2006 (he had a Jonah[...]
Milligan And McCarthy Talk About… Everything, On Wednesday
You could buy a used copy of Skin by Milligan and McCarthy on Amazon for over £27. Or on Wednesday at 7.30pm, you could go to Gosh Comics in London to hear Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy doing a talk and Q&A about their new book from Dark Horse that collects the very best of their hard-to-find[...]
Milligan & McCarthy – The Lennon And McCartney Of Comics
And while Diego Bernard is a fine artist, there was a part of me that wished for Brendan McCarthy, and a reteaming of the pair… But these things are rare and probably unachievable now. Back in the eighties, Milligan and McCarthy created between them some of the most influential comic books Strange Days, with celebrity superhero Paradax[...]
The Curious Case Of Brendan McCarthy's Paradax… And Zenith
Those who managed to reclaim their creator ownership of concepts, those who didn't and what this might mean for the situation regarding Zenith. It also inspired comics creator Brendan McCarthy to write a response in the comments, in which we get another history, including that of his own Paradax…. As you weren't around in the 80′s and[...]
eBay Art Not By Brendan McCarthy… But By Dave Elliott?
Over the weekend we reported on a piece of original Paradax art being sold on eBay as being drawn by Brendan McCarthy Except Brendan McCarthy was sure it wasn't The piece was pulled, but some curious conversations have revealed the truth Brendan McCarthy writes; Just to bring you up to speed, the mystery of this Paradax[...]
Fake Brendan McCarthy Paradax Art On eBay
Found on eBay Brendan McCarthy: "I really put my greatest effort into making sure that the Paradax comic was going to look amazing It's a great personal favourite of mine Paradax 1 and Strange Days 2 I think aresome of my best works." Paradax first appeared in the three issues of Strange Days (1984-1985). This is an increadibly RARE item[...]
Two DC Comics Not To Ignore For Hallowe'en – Lot 13 And Ghosts
"Stories spotlight a space heist on a ghost ship, a spirit who wants to play synthesizer in a techno band, a ghost-for-hire haunting agency and others dark, twisted tales." The creators are Geoff Johns, Gilbert Hernandez, Phil Jimenez, Joe Kubert, Jeff Lemire, John McCrea, Amy Reeder Hadley, Paul Pope and Neil Kleid with covers by[...]
A Newly Discovered Brendan McCarthy Comic From 1980
David Hine, author of Bulletproof Coffin with Shaky Kane, has been writing about another hero of British comics, Brendan McCarthy's early work, including Electric Hoax with Peter Milligan But now he has reprinted an early encounter with the creator, by way of a 1980-published comic called Cipher, and a cover strip by Brendan, never reprinted since[...]
Could This Be The Hottest Marvel Book Of The Year? Superior Kapow Special #1
If you're lucky. Created at the Kapow Comic Convention earlier in the year, its aim was to tell a Superior story with as many people as possible, raise money for charity and break a couple of world records in the process. I'm not sure how the Most Contributors To A Comic Book record was arrived at –[...]