Mother Blood Fights the Tyranny of Justice in Tomorrow's Titans #34

In our modern world of political divisiveness, it's important to consider the viewpoint of the other side, on which there surely are some very fine people. So when we saw this preview of tomorrow's Titans #34, with Mother Blood taunting the captured titans while monologuing about her master plan, we were forced to consider: does she have a point?

Mother Blood Fights the Tyranny of Justice in Tomorrow's Titans #34

Of course, it can be somewhat difficult to reconcile Mother Blood's stealing of Raven's soul and splitting her into two parts, one of which is pure demonic evil and serves her every whim, but maybe it's just a matter of perspective. What we're saying is there is probably room for a centrist superbeing, neither a hero nor a villain, to appeal to residents of the DC Universe fed up with partisan politics as usual.

DC Media Partner Monkeys Fighting Robots was given this EX-X-XCLUSIVE preview, but they forgot to watermark it. You snooze, you lose, MFR!

Titans #34 is in stores tomorrow.

Titans #34
(W) Dan Abnett (A) Bruno Redondo (CA) Mico Suayan
"INTO THE BLEED" part two! The Titans are trapped on the perilous Unearth, far from home and standing in the face of not one but two evil armies. But hey, no sweat, right? Then, things take a turn for the worse when the commander of the opposition turns out to be one of their own, and the Titans will need to make some hard choices on the path to victory. Plus, what is Mother Blood's connection to the Totality?
In Shops: Feb 13, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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