Neal Adams On White Trash, Frank Miller and Reporters

Earlier today, The Guardian newspaper published an interview with Frank Miller alongside the release of his new comic book series Xerxes, but also included some choice words from his mentor, Neal AdamsBleeding Cool rereported those words.

Neal Adams On White Trash, Frank Miller and Reporters

Neal Adams has something he's like to say.


Dear Bleeding Cool and Anyone,

Snatching headlines from interviews in which reporters or interviewers should exhibit a cautionary approach to quotes is standard and when it's done the interviewee must live by the reporter's stupid decisions.

White Trash…is an underrated phrase and overrated at the same time. I grew up much of my early life as white trash. I know what it is and I know what the terrible spiral is that leads to getting there. No one cares. NO one wants to help you and everyone wants to watch the disaster happen. If I see another person grabbed by that terrible whirlpool, I can shut up or I can wave a warning flag.

If I love that person and I care my shout will be even louder. I don't have that many friends in the world. I can probably count them on the fingers of one hand. Frank Miller is one of them. I would never do anything to consciously hurt him but I did have difficult conversations with Frank when he was at a low point and the goal was to bring him out of it. Did I use harsh words? Yes. Was the interviewer stupid for repeating those words when I was trying to get him to understand the depth of my concern? Yes. Should he have checked his article with me? Of course. But at the same time did I care enough about Frank Miller to say those words? Yes, I did. I said them because I loved him and I wanted his downward path to end.

Did I help him? I have no damn idea. That I tried was the point and if you were my friend I would do the same for you. Frank Miller is one of the most worthwhile people in this industry that you can know and he is rising up like a phoenix and that's what's important. If someone doesn't like it, you are wrong.

Neal Adams

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