Blatant Nepotism At Work at Marvel In New Spider-Man Comic

Marvel Comics are to publish a new Spider-Man comic book, drawn by a longstanding Marvel Comics artist, but whose writer only got that position through pure nepotism. This is a disgusting state of affairs, and Bleeding Cool is standing shoulder to shoulder with other creators speaking out against this clear breach of good working practices.

Blatant Nepotism At Work at Marvel For New Spider-Man ComicThat's right, instead of hiring someone who has been sending in pitches for ten years without getting the chance to show America what they can do with Marvel's finest, they have chosen to hire the nephew of Martin Goodman, the publisher of Marvel comics, instead.

This 'Stanley Lieber' won't even be using his real name when publishing The Amazing Spider-Man #1, instead going by the name 'Stan Lee', presumably to hide his family lineage. Or maybe to as not to cause even more suspicions when Marvel hires Stan's brother, and another nephew of Martin Goodman, Larry Lieber.

So if you would like to join in Bleeding Cool's campaign against nepotism to prevent Stan Lee from ever writing this so-called Spider-Man comic, feel free to say as much in the comments below.

UPDATE: Apologies, this article had accidentally remained unpublished on the Bleeding Cool system for 56 years. We apologise for the delay and hope that, by pure happenstance, it is still somehow relevant.

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