New Gods with Bewbs and Dongs: A Secret 2021 Comic Book Project

It's easy to tell when comic book websites are phoning it in, blindly regurgitating the claims of a press release as fact with no challenge, serving as a de facto extension of the marketing departments of major comic book publishers. Why do they do it? Desperation for clicks matched only by the soul-crushing demotivation of a sub-minimum-wage job.

But occasionally, someone rises above the pack to produce a work of divinely-inspired comic book "journalism" that eclipses the genre itself. Every once in a blue moon, someone reaches beyond the veil of homogeneity the defines an industry to produce a wholly original thought, distinguishing themselves from the crowd by doing something different. Those are the moments we live for in this industry.

A screenshot from GamesRadar
A screenshot from GamesRadar

Such as it is in comic book "journalism," so too is it true of that industry's symbiotic partner, the business equivalent of a fetus that eats its own twin in the womb: comic book publishing. Today we all witness the special moment when comic book creators too find divine inspiration, producing a marketing hook that could change the world, the equivalent of a brightly shining Spider-Man meets Power Rangers amidst a sea of Power Rangers meets Invincibles. Enter Tony Gregori, artist of a new secret comic book project with writer Aubrey Sitterson, and its bold new concept: a TV-MA rated Jack Kirby.

No word as of yet on what this project is called (may we suggest they just go with New Gods with Bewbs and Dongs?) or when it will be released, though it seems likely to be one of five new creator-owned comics projects Sitterson is working on for 2021.

comic book cover
The cover to New Gods #4

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