A New Way To View Comics: TubeComics From Black Mask Studios On Youtube

Get ready comic fans, because you're about to have the opportunity to experience comic books in a whole new way. Publishing and production company, Black Mask Studios will now have a YouTube channel for a new format called, 'tubecomics.' The channel will enable ad-supported binge viewing of comics across devices. Developed by Black Mask co-founder Matt Pizzolo, tubecomics will have five initial series: Ballistic, 12 Reasons To Die, Five Ghosts, Hack/Slash, and Liberator. The network will post new episodes weekly and additional series monthly.

Pizzolo shared his thoughts on the goals of Black Mask, by saying:

Our goal here is to introduce new audiences to what's great about comics, particularly indie comics–and not just the characters but also the power of sequential art storytelling itself. The quality of story and craft in comics is really at an amazing level right now, but it's still very difficult to get readers to take chances on new stories and new characters and new creators…Comic lovers can sample new comics in a free, Hulu-style way while YouTube audiences can immerse themselves in some of the most beautiful art and best storytelling around.

Tubecomics replicate the panel-by-panel reading style of a digital comic, but do so in a video format that can be viewed on any device from HDTVs to smartphones and tablets, adding voice narration and music to the package. Black Mask is placing an emphasis on tubecomics retaining the structural integrity of the paper comics' art and story.

Overall, I think this is a brilliant idea, which will allow people who wouldn't normally read comics, an opportunity to broaden their horizons. Youtube is so dynamic and popular as a platform that it might reach new audiences. With the click of a thumbnail you can go from a funny cat video to a smart documentary. It's about time comics are added into that shuffle. I look forward to seeing the variety of comics that will be available on Black Mask. Check out what this new way of viewing comics is all about below, with Ballistic.



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