Did You Notice It's Inauguration Day? This Week's Comic Books Did…

Today sees the Inauguration of President Trump to office. I know one comic creator taking his family but most comic book people from my Facebook timeline who have an event to go to are going to… the other ones.


When Obama was inaugurated, he appeared in Amazing Spider-Man, and there were lines around the block from people wanting buy copies of the issue in question.


This time around, Marvel has decided not to publish similar comic, despite the CEO of Marvel now on Trump's staff. DC Comics haven't stepped in either, despite another of Trump's staff being an executive producer on the Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman movies.


However, that hasn't stopped Marat Mychaels' Deadpool/Winnie The Pooh parody Do You Pooh coming up with its own version. And while this week's comics may not have had any inauguration specials, they did know what was going on…


So, in Superman, we had a black President of the USA Superman fighting a literal Nazi.


In Justice League Vs Suicide Squad we had Maxwell Lord take control of the Justice League, build a wall to keep the aliens out, secure borders, take over communications, take control of the houses of government and then use Superman…


…to do a little home decorating…


…and inaugurate himself in the Oval Office. Then, in The Mighty Captain Marvel, she was able to take a phone call from a very important person.


While in Green Arrow, they had a candidate of their own to demonise.


And in USAvengers, described The Golden Skull in… certain terms. Not paying people he hires. Making promises he doesn't keep. And thinking he's clever.


But it wasn't just repetition of key anti-Trump speaking points, their Captain-America-from-the-future Danielle Cage had some other political points to make.1484757975565

The Euro-Crash? Well, we know that Trump is opposed to the European Union… anyone else fancy an analogy? Well there's The Ultimates…


And depending how you define Spring and Winter, you may read all sorts of political symbolism into that. And the speech patterns of Lord Chaos


But it was this week's Aquaman that went hardest, with a very different trip to the Oval Office. And maybe… a final one. With Aquaman laying it on large.


And making rather strong demands to a rather familiar face.


Yeah, Aquaman, no way will Obama kowtow to a foreign power like that and call you "Your Majesty"…


Trump would never do that. So what would Obama do, given that his days are rather numbered?


Membership of the United Nations, supported by Obama? It just wouldn't work with the next guy, would it?

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