Obscure Comics: General Mills Presents Batman V Superman #4

Who Wants Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Cereal Comics? Well, Finding Them All Wasn't Easy.

DC Comics and Warner Brothers partnership with General Mills was a tried and true formula by the time the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice cereal comics were released. The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice comic book elements, as touched upon in the past, had a consistent element that the General Mills comics lacked, ease of collectibility. General Mills had five kinds of cereal that contained the comics: Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puff's, Trix, and Golden Grahams. So spread among the boxes put out in February / March of 2016, there was one of four comic books included in the specially marked boxes, sealed outside the main bag for the cereal (also sealed) in a sealed box ("Freshness sealed" as the cereal companies once said).

Specially Marked Cereal Boxes
Specially Marked Cereal Boxes

Now, if someone wanted the comics, you had to make sure to only pick up the marked boxes that said they had the comics inside, buy a box of the cereal, go home, open it up and see which comic you got.  All four comics were packaged randomly in the five types of cereal, making this a blind bag buy designed to annoy any collector or completest, and of course, sell more cereal. No one looking to collect all four comics could easily figure out which comic was in each box, and no one type of cereal had it marked which comics they had, and it seems each type carried the possibility of getting any one of the four comics inside. Putting together a complete collection was potentially an expensive venture, which left many collectors frustrated and with a lot of cereal left to eat.

Obscure Comics: General Mills Presents Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice #4: Lights Out

For the final of four comics, once again under a great Gary Frank cover, Joshua Williamson handled writing (a first for the DC mainstay writing a Batman / Superman book) with art by Eduardo Pansica.  The concept for the comic is a simple one, as two kids stay up late at an orphanage. The kids in question, Robbie and Carter, made the most passionate and dedicated arguments over one of the most important concepts ever, who is better, Superman or Batman?

The two boys bring up several good points, eventually deciding the only way it will ever be firmly decided is if the two fight each other.

However, they are reminded by a young girl that the two are heroes and would never fight; they would team up, making their whole argument pointless anyway.  Plus, in her opinion, Wonder Woman is better than either Batman or Superman.

The comic is adorable, quick, clever with several uses of meta-commentary that don't smack the reader in the face, but in rereading are quite clear and funny. Writing this sort of tie-in issue this well, Williamson really shows why DC gives him regular work.

Worth About As Much As The Others Separately, but As A Set?

As we covered with issues #1, 2, and 3, all of these comics range between $5 to $15 in price on the secondary market.  However, the difficultly of finding all four comics led many online back in 2016, and this approach hasn't changed as more buyers want to purchase a whole set of all four books versus buying them piecemeal once at a time.  The price jumps to $25 to $60 for full sets of all four books, with sealed sets going for the most.

Sealed Back Cover
Sealed Back Cover

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