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Obscure Comics: From The World Of Batman V Superman #1-#5

Who Wants Comics With Their Soda?

DC Comics, during the Dark Knight movie era, did almost no comic book tie-in material.  Man of Steel started to change this trend, but when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice came along, the comic tie-ins were thick, but in very different ways.  None of the traditional movie adaptations were made, like Batman or Batman Returns. No official prequel was done as a regular print comic like had been done for Superman Returns. Instead, the era of movie tie-in comics were all tie-ins themselves to cross-promotion and products.  Doritos and Walmart had their tie-in comic was done by Christos Cage (known best for his work with Dan Slott on Spider-Man, writing Buffy The Vampire Slayer Seasons 10 through 12Daredevil on Netflix, and so many more comics), and drawn by Joe Bennett (several years before his current work on Immortal Hulk).  This, though, as mentioned elsewhere, was not their only work on tie-ins for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, as they produced another full series of five comics, again serving as a prelude for the movie, this time for Dr. Pepper.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Dr. Pepper Cans
Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Dr. Pepper Cans

Warner Bros Pictures Presents Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

These prequel comics, or chapters of "a" prequel comic, were produced and only made available digitally by Dr. Pepper. Released at the end of January of 2016, almost two months before the movie was released, this series of chapters takes place before Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Upstairs/Downstairs #1, done by the same creative team.  The comics are designed to be read digitally and seem to follow the DC digital model of taking a full page of a normal print comic and splitting that in two, making each chapter 20 pages instead of 10. The comics could be accessed by scanning the codes on each of the five different collectible Dr. Pepper cans with the Blippar mobile app as part of a virtual campaign. Each chapter corresponded with a character pictured on the can (except Wonder Woman, whose comic instead focused on Senator Finch).

Obscure Comics: From the World of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Featuring Batman, Chapter One

The first comic chapter, focuses not surprisingly, on Batman as he tracks down the DCEU version of Firefly and his gang.  Hired to torch merchandise, one of Firefly's gang wants to wrap up the job quickly to avoid Batman.  However, showing the difference between a normal criminal and one of Gotham's Rogues, Firefly refuses to compromise his masterpiece.  Of course, such diligence gives Batman the time to arrive and interfere, and Lex Luthor the chance to view the Batman in action.

Obscure Comics: From the World of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Featuring Lois Lane, Chapter Two

The second chapter gives the spotlight to Lois Lane, something the movies did sparingly, as she investigates the illegal sale of Kryptonian tech, obtained after the end of Man of Steel.  Lois sets up an interview with the CEO responsible, and using very verbose and clever dialogue, as well as a knee to the CEO's stomach, confirms her story. However, the events set up the companies purchase by Lex Luthor.

Obscure Comics: From the World of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Featuring Senator Finch, Chapter Three

The third chapter shows the thought process and fair approach Senator Finch takes to the problem of Superman.  As the military pushes to investigate and design weapons to take him out, others in the government push to befriend him and not risk angering the powerful alien. Senator Finch balances the two approaches to work together but wants everything General Elkins knows about the Last Son of Krypton.

Obscure Comics: From the World of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Featuring Superman, Chapter Four

The fourth chapter is a straightforward Superman in action story, as Superman proves he is intelligent, fast, and "more powerful than a" runaway train.  However, his actions saving lives create more debate about his place on Earth, a situation that Lex Luthor has his own ideas about.

Obscure Comics: From the World of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Featuring Lex Luthor, Chapter Five

The final chapter focuses on Lex Luthor as he surveys the demolished LexCorp headquarters after its destruction by Zod. However, Luthor is there to cut the ribbon as construction begins to rebuild the building.  Reaffirming his commitment to Metropolis, discussion of Kord Industries moving into Metropolis, and if he compares himself to Superman are brought up. Luthor comes out of the press conference with glowing praise.  Of course, no one knows that Lex Luthor is working on in secret on another project, one involving Kryptonian DNA.

Another Digital Only Movie Tie-In

Similar to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Upstairs/Downstairs #1, these comics were never released in a physical edition and didn't have a value as, unlike Spider-Man Homecoming: Morning Rush from Post, this comic is easy to find online. Bringing together two great creators, these prequel stories do give a great taste of what Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice could have been, but unlike Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Upstairs/Downstairs #1, these stories lack cohesion as a whole, have little in terms of DC Easter eggs, and are only serviceable as comic tie-ins.  The chapters do shine in parts (Senator Finch's chapter gives her backstory and purpose that the movie lacked, and Lois Lane is perfectly written and fun to read), but overall the comics are just kind of okay.  These five tales serve as Obscure Comics with an entertaining backstory in terms of creation, but not great reads.

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