Old Man Logan #37 Review: Logan Battles Bullseye with Hipster Food

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Old Man Logan tracks down Sarah Dewey, the woman who wrote Kingpin's biography. He wants to know if she can help with the information on Fisk's stolen drive, and she points him in the direction of a hacktivist friend. Little do they know, Fisk has sent Bullseye after the drive, and he will kill anyone to get it.

Old Man Logan #37 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Carlos Lopez
Old Man Logan #37 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Carlos Lopez

This issue of Old Man Logan grabbed my attention with the promise of Logan battling Bullseye on the cover. Thankfully, it delivered on that promise, as a good chunk of this issue is the two trying to kill one another.

The plot's not bad either, with the driving conflict of trying to expose Fisk tying in to Daredevil and the now-ended Defenders.

Sarah Dewey is a far more interesting character than she even needed to be for this to work. She knows that she helped humanize Fisk and earn him the mayor seat, and it has driven her to alcoholism. However, she is willing to own up to the reasons behind it; she was impoverished and trying to keep her kids when Fisk approached her about the biography.

The only real issues are the shaky tone Bullseye comically massacring people and the fact that Logan and Sarah somehow don't notice this happening feet away from them. Logan chalks it up to the restaurant's ingredients, but that doesn't explain missing the pile of bodies on the other side of the room.

Old Man Logan #37 art by Dalibor Talajic and Carlos Lopez
Old Man Logan #37 art by Dalibor Talajic and Carlos Lopez

The action scenes hold together well thanks to the art of Dalibor Talajic and Carlos Lopez. The combat is well displayed, well sequenced, and impactful. It all looks quite good, and the minimal detailing of the world suits Logan well. The drawback comes in the form of the frequent whiting out of environments. It doesn't look great and it hurts the color balancing. Lopez's color looks solid outside of that, but the white badly disrupts the contrasting.

Old Man Logan #37 is a nice plot that gives an excuse for a brutal fight between Logan and Bullseye. The fight is well composed and fun, and Talajic and Lopez do a decent job of bringing it to life. This comic earns a recommendation. Feel free to check it out.

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