Oni Press Brings French Canadian Graphic Novel Titan to U.S. in September

Oni Press has announced plans to publish François Vigneault's sci-fi graphic novel Titan in the United States later this year, a press release revealed Tuesday. Originally serialized in 2014, the graphic novel will be released in the U.S. for the first time. Here's the synopsis, from the press release:

When MNGR First Class João da Silva arrives on the moon of Titan to take charge of Homestead Station, he finds the massive mining colony plagued by tensions between the giant, genetically-engineered Titan workers and the Terran management. As anger mounts, what began as a routine posting quickly turns into something far more dangerous.

Phoebe Mackintosh thought she left her fighting days behind her when she turned her back on the "mixing" circuit. Now, she finds herself caught between a past she'd rather forget and a future she can't predict.

Together, they must find a way to pull Homestead back from the brink of disaster… Or Titan might be the spark that sets the entire solar system ablaze.

Vigneault explains why the book is relevant to Americans:

I worked on Titan for over five years, most of that while I was still living in the States. I was born and raised in the USA, and spent almost my whole life there, so it's no surprise that Titan is inspired by historical and social currents of my homeland.

And why the story is still relevant today:

Science fiction typically does a terrible job of accurately predicting the future, but it has always been a great way to explore contemporary anxieties (just ask H.G. Wells). Titan is my attempt to write a fun, exciting sci-fi story, but at the same time maybe it can be some food for thought as we head into the election, and beyond.

Editor Grace Bornhoft agrees:

Titan grabbed me in the first few pages. I immediately recognized that it had all the elements of a gripping sci-fi thriller, but it was the story of the tension between the exploiter and the exploited that sets this book apart. Even though it's set in the far reaches of outer space, Titan has a lot to say about our present world that I think will light a spark with readers.

Titan will hit stores on September 15th.

Oni Press Brings French Canadian Graphic Novel Titan to U.S. in September

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